Custom & Bulk Microspheres Manufacturing

By: Polysciences  09-12-2011
Keywords: Polymers, Fluorescent Dyes, Microspheres

Our Microspheres and Particles division offers a wide range of products and services for custom and bulk manufacturing because we know they must fit your application precisely. We can prepare visibly colored and fluorescently stained microspheres for a variety of diagnostic, industrial and research applications. Product areas include: Polymer Microspheres, Dyed Microspheres, Fluorescent Microspheres, Protein Coated Microspheres, Uniform Silica Microspheres, Magnetic Microspheres and Flow Cytometry products.

Coating & Surface Modification

  • Proteins 
  • Spacers / Linkers
  • Other molecules

Dyeing & Loading

  • Surface-immobilized or internal fluorophores
  • Visible colors
  • Other hydrophobic compounds
  • Targeted or multiple intensities


  • Magnetic beads
  • Polystyrene and methacrylate polymers
  • Functionalized and crosslinked polymers
  • Silica


Quantity - We can supply any volume.

Size - Depending on your specifications, we can manufacture the smallest micron to the larger diameter particles.

Color - Unstained as well as microspheres that are visibly colored and fluorescently stained.

Conjugations - Surface preparations of proteins, fluorescent dyes or other molecules can be prepared on the microsphere surface.

Surface Functionality - Microspheres & particles with a vast range of surfaces including streptavidin, carboxylate and amine-modified.

Microsphere & Particle Applications Include:

Cell separation
Magnetic particle assay development
Agglutination tests 
Flow cytometry
Fluorescence microscopy
Molecular diagnostics
Nucleic acid separation
Enzyme immunoassays
Lateral flow tests
Diagnostic assays
Bacteria isolation
Sample preparation for PCR
Enzyme immuno-assay

For European inquiries, please contact David Harwood in Germany:

Keywords: Fluorescent Dyes, Microspheres, Particles, Polymers,

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Lane 1, Molecular Weight Markers; Lane 2, untreated normal human serum; Lane 3, serum treated with ProMax Albumin Removal Particles. Lane 1, normal serum; Lane 2, serum treated with the BioMag® ProMax Albumin Removal Kit; Lane 3, Molecular Weight Markers. Figure 1 SDS-PAGE analysis and Western Blot showing enrichment of lower abundance proteins and depletion of albumin.


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