Wireless Mobile Computing Solutions in San Francisco Bay Area California

By: Polymorphia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Remote Access, Mobile Computing

The growth in the number of mobile and remote users, the increase in use and variety of end-point devices, and accessed applications have created new demands for mobile computing. There are a number of ways of providing connectivity to mobile workers, telecommuters and remote workers.

Remote access enables off-site employees, partners, consultants and clients to access and process centralized information as though they were in the office, while ensuring they can only access the right information based on who they are, what device they are using, and the type of network through which they access your data.

Communicate as if you are "face-to-face" with people across town or across the world, share documents, make presentations, demonstrate products and services and collaborate like never before.

Wireless data gives you the freedom to work from almost anywhere and gives you access to personal information when you are on the go. The benefits of wireless include connections when no others are possible, WAN and LAN connections at lower cost in many scenarios, faster connections, backups to landlines and internal cabling, faster to install and secure data connections for mobile users.

Keywords: Mobile Computing, Remote Access

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