Desktop & Server Virtualization Services in San Francisco Bay Area California

By: Polymorphia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Remote Access, Infrastructure

Polymorphia's VMWare Certified Professionals use VMWare's service methodology (Assess - Plan & Design - Build - Maintain) in implementing a Virtual Infrastructure suited to your business requirements.

Server Virtualization technology allows servers to share hardware resources without interfering with each other so that you can safely run several operating systems and applications at the same time on a single computer. Using virtualization, you can reduce hardware requirements by a 10:1 ratio or better.

The benefits of virtualization include:

  • Higher Resource Utilization - By running several under-utilized servers on the same physical server, hardware resources are used more efficiently
  • Reduced Physical Infrastructure Costs - By reducing the number of physical servers, companies lower costs associated with hardware, power and cooling
  • Better use of human resources - IT workers can spend less time on time-consuming activities such as provisioning and maintenance, freeing them up to work on more strategic initiatives
  • Increased application availability - Eliminate downtime when maintaining server hardware and recover quickly from unplanned outages

Polymorphia offers the Desktop Virtualization solution to help customers take advantage of an existing virtualization infrastructure to tighten control of corporate assets and simplify desktop management. This comprehensive desktop virtualization solution lets you replace traditional PCs with virtual machines that you can manage from the datacenter in order to:

  • Extend powerful VMware Infrastructure 3 capabilities such as business continuity and disaster recovery to your desktops
  • Streamline desktop management to reduce operating costs and increase control
  • Deliver complete desktop environments with greater application compatibility
  • Increase desktop security by keeping data within the confines of the datacenter
  • Better remote access for the mobile workforce because the desktops are portable and users can reconnect from any location with a variety of devices

Business Drivers and Use Cases

  • Companies facing a PC upgrade cycle or a migration to newer operatings systems that require more hardware resources can redeploy PCs as thin clients
  • Companies looking to replace legacy desktops can lower costs by deploying thin clients as part of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure implementation
  • Software companies looking to outsource development but want to keep tighter control over their intellectual property
  • Companies that regularly provision computers to consultants, contractors and other temporary workers

Streamline development and test lab infrastructure and operations through Virtual Lab Automation. With VMware Lab Manager, VMware’s Virtual Lab Automation system, IT can leverage VMware Infrastructure to achieve significant cost savings and operational benefits by pooling servers, networking, storage and other resources that can be shared across development and test teams. Provision complex multi-machine configurations in seconds, rather than days. Provide on-demand access to a shared library of complex system environments, giving your developers and testers instant use of the resources they need, while leaving IT in administrative control.

Keywords: Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure, Lab Automation, Remote Access, Server Virtualization,

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