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By: Polymarc  09-12-2011
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About Polymarc
Polymarc is designed to provide a reliable platform to deliver very cost effective on-demand solutions. Our solutions are built and tested by an exceptionally qualified and highly motivated team.

Why Placement Management?
Information must be organized in order to permit analysis, understanding, and communication. Managing your information more efficiently allows you to recognize trends and other significant patterns, and to communicate the information more effectively, which leads to more profits.
Having well defined processes helps your organization work more efficiently.

Why On-Demand?
Fast deployment that is virtually ready to run. Less cost. Codeless customization. Our on demand solution requires no software license purchases or costly maintenance. You don't have to pay for software upgrades or onsite implementations.

Why Polymarc?
Polymarc makes your organization seamless and works like a well oiled machine. Our solutions capture, integrate, and automate your sales, recruiting, and accounts processes at a very low cost.

How is Polymarc Delivered?
Polymarc is hosted by us at a world class data center. The application can be used from anywhere at any time. All you need is an Internet connection. It is available when you are working from home or from remote locations.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront expenditure for hardware, software, and implementation. You pay a predictable monthly fee that helps you budget better and maximize your cash flow. The cost is based on the number of users of each type - Management $71, Sales Rep $81, Recruiter $71, Vendor $71, Interviewer $41, Accountant $41, and Employee $9. For more information, see the


Can I see a demo?


How soon can I get it?
The application can be setup for you in less than 24 hours. Our analysts will walk you through the application and discuss any customizations that you may need. Most of the customizations will be done free of charge and in less than 48 hours.

Key Benefits.

Improve communication across stakeholders
The complexity and competitive nature of today's business requires seamless interaction between various stakeholders posing challenges for cross-team communication and cooperation. Having a reliable system that takes care of communication at vital points of interest eases the challenge of communication and helps teams cooperate better.
Bridge the gaps between your sales team, recruiting team, interviewers, accounting, management, candidates, and your clients.

Empower your sales team
You can empower your sales team by providing them with the right information and total visibility into the recruiting process. We can customize the information captured during the recruiting process to let your sales team concentrate on reaching revenue goals and shortening sales cycles.

Streamline sales and recruiting process
Defining a best practices workflow between your sales and recruiting teams will enhance the performance of both teams. We can customize the workflows to enable your sales team to concentrate on turnover and increased competition while your recruiting team concentrates on getting the right candidates.

Monitor, evaluate and improve
Getting the information you need helps you track your progress, identify the issues, assess productivity and results, and make educated decisions on future plans of action. Having vital sales, recruiting, and placement information when you need it enables you to assess your situation and set short and long term goals.

Secure critical information

Stay on top of sales activity
Monitor the sales process

Keep clients happy

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Keywords: recruiting