Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings - Finishing Tapes

By: Polyfiber  09-12-2011


Available in Light and Medium. All styles of linear and bias finishing tape may be used interchangeably on any fabric style.

Bias tapes (weave pattern 45" to the edge) are suggested for installation over compound surfaces such as around wingtips and tail surfaces.

Bias tape will stretch to conform to the required contour without heat shrinking edges or cutting and notching to remove excess fabric. Stretching reduces the width about 35%, thus 3" will pull to about 2" width around a sharp contour, and 2" will pull to approximately 1.3" width.

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Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings - Light Uncertified Fabric

The following custom-woven fabric styles are approved under STC SA1008WE and are available for installation on approved certified aircraft as listed on FAA Master Eligibility List No. 1008 published in the Poly-Fiber Procedure Manual No. 1. Weight: 3.16 oz/sq yd Tear Strength: Warp 106 lbs. Breaking Strength: Avg 110 lbs/in.


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A custom woven high-strength polyester filament twill tape with a paper-protected high-tack adhesive coating on one side for quick application and bonding during the rib lacing procedure. POLYESTER RIB LACE REINFORCING TAPE.