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By: Polarion Software  09-12-2011

Free, open source, and commercial products to help SVN users get the most from this market-leading version control system.

Open Source Subversion Training: SubTrain by Polarion®

One barrier to SVN adoption is training. Often there's a lack of sufficient Subversion knowledge and training expertise in-house, and may not be in the budget when you need it.SubTrain, the market's first open source Subversion training curriculum, provides set of course materials including predefined, easily customizable presentation slides plus supporting materials tailored to meet the Subversion training needs of teams migrating to Subversion.

What do you get with SubTrain?
SubTrain gives you a predefined set of slides and side materials that you can use for SVN training classes. Currently there are two types of courses available:

  • Subversion Administration
  • Subversion User Training
Who can benefit from SubTrain?
  • Anybody who has to deliver Subversion training in his/her company.
  • Training professionals who don't want to reinvent the wheel, but instead reuse and adapt existing materials.

Subversion (SVN) Team Provider for Eclipse: Subversive

This eclipse plugin delivers SVN integration for the Eclipse ecosystem, it enables you to work with Subversion repositories from the Eclipse workbench in almost exactly the same way that has long been possible with CVS repositories.

General features of the Subversive plug-in are:

  • Browse remote repositories (in this case, Subversion repositories)
  • Add a project to the repository and check out projects from the repository
  • Synchronize a project to see incoming and outgoing changes
  • Commit, update and revert changes
  • See resource change history
  • Merge changes

Fast, Safe Subversion Migration: Importer for SVN

If you have been putting off migrating to Subversion from another system because of the amount of work and the risk involved, put it off no longer.

With our free SVN import tool, you can..

Web-based Subversion: WebClient for SVN

Give your Subversion users the option of browsing your Subversion repositories and performing basic SVN operations like commits via the web.

Web-based Subversion with performance and usability

Top features include:

  • Browse Subversion repository folders and files
  • Browse and compare revisions of SVN folders and files
  • View revision details and compare SVN revisions
  • Create/delete/modify files in a Subversion repository
  • Create/delete SVN repository folders
  • Easy browsing of SVN branches/tags
  • 100% Pure Java™ implementation of the SVN access layer (using the JavaSVN library)
  • Multi-repository support

AccessSVN – Enterprise SVN User Administration Power Tool

Every Subversion repository administrator managing a large number of users knows the challenges faced with standard SVN user and permission management – especially when Subversion user accounts need to be synchronized with LDAP.

Polarion AccessSVN provides an easy, web-based solution that makes life much easier for enterprise Subversion admins.

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