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By: Poetryreviews  09-12-2011


Reviewed by Joanna M. Weston

Calder brings together the human and natural world with ease. There is an almost seamless integration, a blurring of lines between the environment and humanity: each affects the other in some way; each inhabits the other.

Reviewed by Maria Scala

Reviewed by Jenna Butler

Reviewed by Kris Brandhagen

Reviewed by Sharon Berg

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One had the sense that, while admiring his achievement, reviewers still refused to see him as more than a sort of eccentric uncle of the Can-Lit scene — a little too earnest for the staunchly avant-garde, a little too wacky for the more traditional camps. Poems New and Selected was met with the sort of mixed reception one would expect from such an alchemical poet. The 2003 publication of Stuart Ross’ Hey, Crumbling Balcony.


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The careful and inspired translations made by Patrick Friesen and P.K. Brask … has made it possible for my poems to travel around the Globe and across the Atlantic. Canadian poets Patrick Friesen and P.K.Brask have translated of Niels Hav’s poetry for the long haul – fifteen years. As Hav notes in his acknowledgements, “Danish is a small language spoken by only 5-6 million people.


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With my gold-rimmed floral teacup brimming with Earl Grey and candlelit shadows from my bookends flickering griffins against the closed curtains, I let the Goldberg variations swirl majestically through me. I stuffed my left aural orifice with cotton, but that didn’t work, so I tried plasticine. I open The Caitlin Press book of Glenn Gould poems and read until the candles burn out.


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The jacket copy praises David O’Meara as a poet of the personal, but it is when he fuses this personal voice with the public and political that his poetry resonates with emotional honesty, psychological awareness, and a depth of feeling that is rare in contemporary poetry.