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By: Pni Sensor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Magnetometers, Sensor Systems, Sensor Fusion

Rock-solid reliability and performance in heading and attitude is now possible for smartphones and mobile handsets with the Headway Sensor Engine

Introducing a new solution in motion sensing: the new Headway™ Sensor Engine for mobile handsets. Using highly sophisticated adaptive filtering models in its patent-based algorithms, the Headway Sensor Engine provides always on, instant heading information. And, unlike currently available 9-axis systems, it eliminates gyro drift and susceptibility to magnetic distortion and anomalies. The new Headway Sensor Engine filters and fuses outputs from accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers to deliver pinpoint heading accuracy, attitude, and signal reliability. Headway enables app developers to create more accurate and satisfying game play. And it’s a boon for engineers working in the burgeoning field of location based services and applications where heading accuracy and reliability are required.

Headway™ makes gaming better..
The addition of motion sensing technologies to mobile handsets has fueled the growth of gaming, but the gyro drift and calibration interruptions inherent in existing 9-axis systems degrade the user experience. The Headway Sensor Engine does not require frequent calibration, so game play is longer and more satisfying. And its heading accuracy means that augmented reality games are now possible for the handheld market.

..and doesn’t get lost.
Location based services and applications could connect users to places in new and inventive ways. But magnetic interference and signal noise cause frequent loss of heading and inaccurate directions. These constant interruptions can throw heading off as much as 90˚ in a matter of seconds, often without the user even knowing it.  The Headway Sensor Engine reveals pinpoint accurate heading in all environments — without experiencing lag time or requiring frequent recalibration routines.

What is the Headway Sensor Engine?

Headway is a complex algorithm, delivered in API form, designed for today’s smartphone-sized 9-axis sensor systems.  It converges the outputs from MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers into accurate, uninterrupted heading and orientation information. Headway performs differently than other 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms as it compensates for the magnetic anomalies that sidetrack these current smartphone sensor systems.  It uses high number-of-states adapative Kalman filtering in place of standard low pass filter with heuristics and phase delays. By filtering and optimizing the outputs of each sensor, Headway delivers accurate and reliable information in real-world operating conditions.


Platform support
Absolute accuracy with very low latency
For x86, OMAP, CortexMx, ARMx
  Below human perception
Operating system support

API outputs
For Windows, Linux including Android and Embedded Linux
   Quaternion, heading, pitch, roll, linear acceleration, gravity, Hpos, Vpos
Integrates easily with selected 9-axis sensor systems
API library
3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometers   Seamless integration into your design

Headway includes:

  • Reference Designs for integrating MEMS accelerometers,gyros, and magnetometers
  • Application programming interface (API) with proprietary algorithms

Keywords: Magnetic Interference, Magnetometers, Sensor Fusion, Sensor Systems,

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