CFD Analysis

By: Planus  09-12-2011
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Our team of engineers has the software and knowledge required to accurately create a thermodynamic, 3D, model of existing and proposed data centre facilities. This model allows us to forecast the airflow, temperature, humidity, pressure, and efficiency of the facilities cooling solution.  This is an invaluable service, as it allows us to “virtually” test different cooling options and floor layouts. CFD analysis ensures that the chosen cooling solution is the most effective. Helping save your organization money!

What is CFD?
The term CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD is a branch of fluid dynamics which utilizes numerical methods and algorithms to model and predict fluid flows. Because of advancements in computer processor power, this long established fluid modelling technology has now become cost effective to use in a data centre environment. This technology can be used in any computer room, data centre, network closet, or other space that requires cooling.

Planus’ CFD Process
At Planus we pride ourselves on the superior accuracy of our CFD analysis. We are meticulous in the amount and quality of the data we input into each model we create. To ensure that Planus is able to achieve our rigid standards, we enhance our CFD models by utilizing the most advanced software available on the market. Additionally, we insert the following advanced parameters that many other organizations overlook.
• Internal cabinet geometry(vendor and model specific)
• Individual servers equipped with VFD fans and temperature performance curves
• CRACs with VFD fans and temperature performance curves(vendor and model specific)

Once the model has been created, we verify its accuracy by comparing the simulation‘s results with temperature, humidity and airflow readings taken on site. This process is called “Model Validation”. Typically CFD models are validated to +/-15%. However, with the aforementioned enhancements we are able to validate our models to +/-5% (+/-1oC) of the room’s actual conditions. With a properly validated CFD model the accuracy of subsequent failure and growth analysis will also improve accordingly. 

Benefits of Using CFD for Your Data Center

Significantly Reduce Capital Costs
Eliminate the over design of mechanical infrastructure

Extend Data Center Life
Improve cooling utilization and increase existing AC performance by 20% or more

Improve Energy Efficiency
Optimize data center floor layouts and server placement to eliminate hotspots that cause overcooling

Calculate Zero Cooling Run Time
Perform a transient analysis that shows how long it will take before the room overheats

Certify AC Redundancy
Ensure that the AC units properly cool the data center under all failure scenarios

Establish Spot and Room Cooling Thresholds
Simulate various data center total and density growth scenarios

Forecast Future Cooling Challenges
Simulate proposed future server installation locations

Eliminate Uncertainty
Create a model accurate to within +/- 1C of room’s future

Keywords: data center

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