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By: Plainjanes  09-12-2011
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Over the past few weeks we spent a lot of time learning how to find and use keywords and key phrases. We talked about title tags, meta descriptions and how to implement all of them. One of the last important places to use your keywords/phrases is within your visible text. Visible text is the text [..]

ALT text is a description for your images on your website. It is shown to users in place of your image for those users who browse the web with their images turned of. The ALT attribute is as used by screen readers for the visually impaired.   In some browsers, when you hover your mouse [..]

Your homework last night was to come up with a great sentence that describes your business that can be used as the TITLE tag on your website. Each page of your website should have a unique title tag, but the Title Tag for your home page should be given the most consideration. All the rest [..]

The last few weeks have all been about: finding the tourism keywords and phrases to best market your online travel business.   Now you have a stack of ‘em. Where do you use them? Simply put….everywhere. You will keep these words/phrases in your mind when you design new pages, when you create new pages, when [..]

Alrighty. You have keywords and key phrases that you have worked hard to refine over the past week or so. Now its time to see what help the major search engines can be in helping you refine the words and phrases for your travel website marketing plan. You can pay for many fancy SEO Keyword software [..]

The next few articles will center on refining the keywords for your travel company, discovering what your tourism competition is doing and looking for missed keywords and key phrases. Before we jump on board with all that, its time to look at how you will actually use your keywords to help your search engine rankings [..]

If your tourism business is local bus coach tours, don’t use “limo” as a keyword. (unless, of course, you have a limo) If you offer horse drawn carriage tours, don’t use “pony rides” as a key phrase. (unless, of course, you have ponies) If your B&B is 1.5 hours driving time south of Denver, don’t [..]

I once had a client that owned and operated a small independent hotel in a rather small town. He insisted he should be ranking #1 for the word “hotel” everywhere in the world. For those of you that don’t see the humour in that, this post is for you. Let’s for a second imagine that [..]

So….after spending the weekend reviewing great words the Search Engines will use to find your travel company, you have a list of words.   These are called keywords….and to be honest….keywords are not really what you are looking for. You are looking for keyword phrases. Travel Keyword Phrases are groups of words (2 – 6 [..]

What Are Keywords? Keywords and phrases are the words a potential client will enter into a search engine to find your website.   Your homework was to think of some keywords someone might use to find your website. You should at least have a small starting list right now. If not, use this list as [..]

Keywords: Online Travel, search engine, search engines, Tourism

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