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Network Consultation
Need help planning your network for your new office? Want to shift things around in your current office? Computer Solutions Today can help. Let us help you plan your next network design project.

Network Wiring and Infastructure
Need your office wired for your network? Look no further. Not only will we help you design and connect your network, we can also wire it too! Let us help you run those long wires between your offices.

Private LAN support between Multiple offices
Have several offices in different locations? Need those offices connected on the same network? We can do that! We can set you up with a VPN network, that allows you to connect your offices together!

Computer Hardware Repair
Our technicians have built computers from scratch. We can diagnose any computer hardware problem, and get any damaged parts replaced. We can also troubleshoot printers, faxes, and any other technical peripherals you may use.

Software Troubleshooting
Having software difficulty? Trouble integrating your old database with your newly purchased program? Before you throw that newly purchased software out the door, let us take a look and let you know what it will take to make it work.

Pre-Purchase Consulting
Need help deciding on what new computer system to purchase? Let us help you break down your needs, and budget, and assist you in selecting the perfect system for your situation.

Data Recovery
Computer crash? Lose valuable data without a backup? Our Data Recovery Lab has the tools necessary to access lost or corrupted data from your hard drives and other data storage devices.

Lessons and Instructions
Need help understanding your new computer system? Need assistance using your word processing program? Our technicians are familiar with hundreds of different types of software, and can provide the assistance you need.

System Tune up/Virus Removal
System running slow? Getting popups or other unwanted behavior? Call us today to run a system tune up, and get your computer back to working as fast as the day you bought it!

Home Visit
Need your home computer serviced? Having difficulty setting up that home network? Don't hesitate to call, we do home visits as well!

Workshop Services
Computer need major diagnoisis or repair? No worries, we'll take it back to our workshop, to service and repair. We can do more extensive scans and hardware diagnosis that is not available on a home or office visit.

Onsite IT support
Onsite support allows you to have your own IT staff (us!) on call whenever you need us. All the time you need to wait is the time it takes for us to travel there. Once on location, we will diagnose your problem, and solve it as quickly as possible.

Remote IT support
We also offer, and recommend our Remote support. On those occasions when we can just log on to your computer and assist with your problem, this support method allows us to be quick and efficient.

Web Site Development
Have an old outdated website? Don't have a website at all? Let us help. Our website development team can create a website that will fit your needs. Doesn't matter if you need a simple website with iniformation, or a database driven site with dynamic data, Computer Solutions Today can do it all!

Web Site Hosting


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Keywords: Computer Hardware, web site

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