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By: Pirel  09-12-2011
Keywords: Document Management

The PIREL EFS™ Server is a web-enabled document repository that includes a complete set of document management tools. The server provides capabilities for electronic record and report management, document creation, imaging, and distribution. Full featured web-access to documents and management tools allow the user to perform document searches and administrative tasks over the Internet or a corporate network.

EFS Server™ Architecture

The PIREL EFS Server™ is built on an n-tier client-server model that separates user interface, business logic, and database tiers. This distributed model allows the application to evolve to meet new requirements. Changes to one component – the user interface is updated, the business logic needs to be modified, and so on – do not affect the other components, since tiers are largely independent. Additionally, unlimited scaling is simple, since components are added as needed.

Keywords: Document Management