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By: Pipeline Sling  09-12-2011
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The use of slings in Houston, as well as worldwide, is widespread in the lifting and rigging industries. Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. provides a variety of sling products such as the alloy chain sling, and synthetic sling from and other manufacturers. Versatile and varying in texture, flexibility, and strength, slings can be utilized for lifting any type of load no matter the size, weight, shape or fragility. Industries that rely on slings for their lifting applications include: aerospace, construction, crane and rigging, government and military, manufacturing, commercial fishing, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical, pipeline, and power generation.

Alloy chain slings are manufactured from special analysis alloy steel and engineered for a superior combination of strength and durability. They provide excellent performance in harsh environments. An alloy grade of either 80 or 100 is recommended for overhead lifting. Types of alloy chain slings include single, single choker, double branch, triple branch and quadruple branch.

Flexible, user-friendly and lightweight, braided slings are synthetic or metal slings that are easy to transport and hitch. Most braided slings can be repaired by replacing the damaged component and can be dissembled into component slings for improvisation and multi-purpose, secondary applications.

Adjustable single and multiple leg wire rope slings are commonly used for lifting uneven and awkward loads such as baskets and open containers. The advantages of using multiple leg wire rope slings include better load control from bridles and baskets and better load protection between pick-up points and crane hook. Angles and weight distribution should be carefully calculated for effective use of multiple leg slings.

Constructed out of nylon or polyester flat webbing, web slings are best utilized in situations where highly-polished, fragile or delicate loads have to be protected from damage. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch the loads while the flexibility ensures a firm secure grip around the load. Web slings are available in six configurations: triangle and choker, triangle and triangle, flat eye and eye, twisted eye and eye, endless and reverse eye.

Constructed from low-weight synthetic fibers – nylon or polyester – the high-strength Twin-Path ® sling is easy to rig and store. Twin-Path ® slings are also abrasion resistant, less expensive, and less likely to cause injuries than other slings. The Sparkeater ® variety of twin-path slings gives protection from fire, heat, sparks and pyrotechnics. Sparkeaters® can lift heated metal without causing the damage that wire rope and chain slings might cause and can function in environments as hot as 300 degrees F.

Designed to provide high strength combined with greater flexibility, Tri-Flex ® slings were developed from three parts of wire rope. They were created to replace large diameter, single-part wire rope slings that had awkward, stiff handling characteristics. Steel erectors, millwrights and riggers use Tri-Flex ® slings for steel erection, machinery moving and all types of heavy lifting.

With its parallel eyes, the Gator-Laid ® sling is identical to the Gator-Max ® except it has metal sleeves for the splice connection. The Gator-Laid ® is the sling of choice when a big lift but shorter sling is required. It also has twelve parts of wire rope in the loop. The Gator-Laid was developed in conjunction with the off-shore oil industry to provide the world’s best heavy lift wire rope slings.

The Gator Flex ® sling has a nine part body style but the eyes are crossed or interwoven so that no wrapping is necessary. The Gator-Flex ® was developed in conjunction with riggers in the field that wished to create a sling for heavy lifts that could be visually inspected and have the highest flexibility possible in a multi-part wire rope sling.

Socket lines are connecting accessories often used with slings and wire ropes for lifting applications. Sockets are particularly useful when fittings need to be replaced frequently. Types of sockets include open spelter, closed spelter, open swage, closed swage and wedge.

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