Solar Water Heating

By: Pioneer Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: tank, Water Heating, Hot Water

Using a standard water heater tank, the solar water system is tied into the tank at the top and bottom.

Inside the small box in front of the storage tank (the "Energy Pack") is a recirculating pump, heat exchanger, expansion tank, and the control panel (see pictures at right).

Enerworks has a CSA Certificate of Compliance (Cert# 1721596) pertaining to Class 2831 06 HEATERS.  This is a Solar Plus Supplemental Domestic Hot Water Add-on package system, to be used with a CSA-approved water tank, with indirect Forced Circulation, model EWRA that consists of up to a maximum 4 Solar collectors (Model COL-4X8-TL-SG1-SD10) and 1 model Energy Pack controller heat exchanger.

The Energy Pack is rated at 120Vac, 0.25 Amps, 30 Watts, 1ph, 60Hz, 50 PSI max for the recirculating pump at 1.2 L/m flow rate on the solar loop side (closed system of propylene glycol + distilled water, 50/50 mix), 150 PSI max on the potable water side. Equivalent energy contribution with a simulated load (hot water consumption) of 300L/d at 55°C or less.

The solar water heating system is in addition to your current water heating system.  On cloudy days, or in -30°C weather, you will need a supplemental water heating system.  The solar system should provide you about 50% of the total water heating energy consumption.  As the solar heat is free, this should cut your water heating bill in half.

Keywords: Heat Exchanger, Hot Water, Solar Water Heating, tank, Water Heating