Web site monitoring for 100% uptime. Measure your downtime

By: Pingdom  09-12-2011

How it works

If your site stops working, Pingdom will alert you immediately. Like a watchdog.

Investigate errors

Pingdom keeps reports of all errors it detects, and these reports are always available to you online via the Pingdom control panel. You will be able to see when the error/downtime happened, how long it lasted, what kind of error triggered it, and for each outage Pingdom also performs an additional error analysis.

Depending on the kind of error, this extra error analysis includes several steps, including checking that DNS lookups work, traceroutes to locate network problems, saving of the actual HTML page at the time of the error, the header response from the server, and so on. All of it to help you find out what went wrong.

View reports on how your website performs over time

Pingdom has reports that track the performance of your sites and servers through the lifetime of your Pingdom account. They allow you to see various trends in downtime, response time and load time.

It is also possible to enable a public report page that can be viewed by anyone on the Internet, where a selected set of what you monitor shows up.

“I like pingdom - cheap, does what you ask for and very useful evidence when timelineing an outage.”

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On uptime. Pingdom Web site monitoring for 100% uptime

Note that the REST API is currently in public beta, but it is stable and we encourage you to use it for any new projects. This web service API makes it possible for you to create your own applications built on top of Pingdom. We understand that no matter how many features we have there will always be special needs. You can access all the data and settings in your Pingdom account through our REST API.


On network monitoring. Measure your downtime - services

When you activate the public report page you get a unique URL both to a summary page with checks, and each of those checks also gets its own public report page. If the default SMS provider for some reason fails to deliver an SMS alert, we can automatically try using a different SMS provider to reach that contact. Summary for the time period you are looking at. View gathered statistics about your uptime. Send alerts to unlimited contacts.


On network monitoring. Measure your downtime - desktopnotifier

The application connects to our control panel so you can get more information about an outage and access more Pingdom features such as our various reports. It uses the Pingdom uptime monitoring service and lets you easily get started right inside the application.