Pinewood Derby car performance tool

By: Pinewood Pro  09-12-2011
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  • Didn't lose a race all day! Key was.. PRO Speed Axles and Wheels.
  • Smoked everybody in our class!!
    from GRAND PRIX Winner
    A big thanks to all the folks at Pinewood Pro!! This was a great night, my car (daughters car) took first place in speed.

  • Thanks for the tips in the books. This was my 7 year old son's first Pinewood Derby race and I would have paid 100 times the price just to see the expression on his face when he took first place. Your information was invaluable!
    Fred & Vincent
  • 1st year, 2nd Place Finish!
    Mikey from Miami 
    My six year old was second in his Pack, being beat only by an older cub scout (the son of a “real” rocket scientist !

  • Once we ordered your tips and tricks we won 1st place every year since.
    Thank You so much for this information and making my son's pinewood derby career a success.
    - Keith

  • First Place Derby Car
    from Utah
    My son's car easily won 1st place w/ a decent margin over the next fastest car. These tips, along w/ the purchased items were the secret to winning.

  • Keywords: Car