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By: Piesoft  09-12-2011
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We provide three different kind of SMS services below :
  • SMS Broadcasting
  • SMS Corporate
  • SMS TV/ SMS Radio

SMS Broadcasting Services (SMSB)

SMS broadcasting is used to deliver information to mobile phones. Piesoft SMS broadcasting services can used in many areas such as SMS news, SMS coupons, confirmation SMS, and so on. Within a matter of a few minutes, 100,000 SMS messages can be broadcast, resulting in the saving of both your time and money. Moreover, you can also generate revenue from SMS when the end users send SMS to your system for subscriptions, playing games, discount coupons, etc.

At Piesoft, we have developed SMS broadcasting systems on standard SMS protocol. You can ensure the capacity of SBSB highly and reliability, which SBSB works on the web based. You can configure everything what you want such as SMSB template, client list, set automatic schedule and much more.

We provide two types of SMS Broadcast services :

  • Post Paid
    Post Paid or monthly fee means customer uses SMS before paying fee.
  • Pre Paid
    Client pays for bulk SMS before using the SMS. Clients can get a lower price than if using the post paid option.
    SMS Application Types
    Every SMS counts towards your revenue; whenever end users send messages you can obtain revenue for each message. You can also choose how much the end users pay per message - whether three or five Baht. We provide three kinds of SMS applications without charge:
    • One-way SMS
      This first type provides one way communication from the end-user to your SMS systems. End users can request to play games or activities on your SMS systems. For example, for SMS games, end users type "90" and send a message to "4554520." Then the SMS systems will send back an SMS question. If the end user answers correctly, he/she will get a "coupon" or other benefit.
    • Interactive SMS
      The second type is a two way SMS which provides extended end-user/client interaction. This system provides a sequential SMS game. One example would be the “Millionare game” where the client is given a series of questions. First, the end user submits a play game request, and the first question is sent to him/her. If the end user answers correctly, the system begins sending questions sequentially until the maximum allotment (15) is reached.
    • Subscription SMS
      It is an example of one-way SMS. For example, the end users send an SMS for a subscription, and the SMS system will send a message back to the senders. When a client has news or new promotions, they notify subscribers directly.

Key Benefits

  • Web base Interface
  • User friendly
  • Low entry cost
  • Brand awareness
  • Fastest advertising
  • Optimizes to your requirement
  • New revenue channel
  • Easy to use
  • Highly security of Piesoft's SMS system
  • 24/7 support
SMS Corporate Services

The SMS corporate services can be used for medium companies to large scale corporations for increasing the performance of work in any department of your organization. For example, you can use SMS as a way to remind salesmen of customer appointments. In the case of urgent situations, your systems can send an alert SMS to the response team or person.

Piesoft provides add-on codes which can be used by your programmers or technicians to add a programming code into your systems. We provide four products for the corporate client which covers all your SMS needs.

    SMS Monitoring
    You need someone to monitor your systems 24 hours 7 days a week. Our SMS monitoring can help you. With our services, you no longer need staff to monitor your systems. We provide SMS monitoring with source codes which can be added on to your existing system. This ensures that when your networks, hardware or software systems go down, the SMS Monitoring will send an SMS to your engineer.
    Alert SMS
    In many industries, alert or warning systems are necessary to have as an integral part of your core software system. When a critical situation or other problem arises, the SMS alert will bring this to your attention. For example, in the case of low inventory levels, the systems will send an SMS alert warning to you. This alert SMS can be adapted to function in a multitude of tasks.
    SMS Scheduler
    Schedule your SMS messages on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The SMS Reminder can help remind you of everything. For example :
    • In the sales department, salesmen may want to be reminded of a client's birthday. Piesoft SMS systems can automatically send a birthday SMS to a client's customer.
    • When staff has an important meeting, Piesoft SMS systems can send an SMS to remind everyone who is involved in the meeting.
    • Schedules can be programmed so that daily, weekly, or monthly reports can be sent to you at your convenience.
    SMS for Client Support
    Piesoft provides the SMS solution to help you impress your clients which can be adapted for use in many different areas of business. We customize SMS services to suit your requirements. Here are some example of SMS for client supports.
    • o Sending reminder SMS to an end-user. For example, in the hospital, when the patient goes back home, the hospital can send an SMS to remind the patient to take medication, or a DVD rental store can send an SMS reminder to the end-user to return overdue DVD's.
    • o When a garage or car repair shop needs to inform their customer that their car is ready to be picked up, the SMS system can let the client's customer know.
Benefit of SMS corporate services
  • Low cost
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase strength to your systems with SMS monitoring
  • Convenience
  • Reduce the man power

Piesoft provides SMS TV which aids TV programs in audience interaction making TV programs more interesting and colorful. In addition, the TV program can obtain large revenues from SMS with no setup and development costs. The revenue sharing deal delivers a "win-win" solution to all involved parties. Piesoft is releasing new features as the MMS TV feature, which supports the MMS format, through which the user can send their photos via MMS and which can be aired on television.

SMS TV features

  • SMS vote
  • SMS pool
  • SMS game which you can customize your game.
  • SMS quiz which is real time quiz
  • SMS TV chat
SMS Radio

At Piesoft, we make SMS radio systems which are different from all the others. We provide reliable SMS radio with many features that you can configure and customize by yourself. Our SMS radio service can help you in several ways such as direct audience/DJ interaction and the addition of many other activities.

Here are some our features :

  • Song requesting
  • SMS Vote
  • SMS Game
  • SMS customization game
  • SMS Member registration
Benefit of SMS Radio
  • One-to-one direct interaction between DJ's and audiences
  • No set-up cost
  • Revenue generation for the radio station
  • The Report system ensures direct feedback from audience
  • Extremely user friendly

Keywords: sms broadcasting

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