Software development - ivr

By: Piesoft  09-12-2011

How does it benefit you?

With Piesoft Ameyo IVR solutions, your agents will spend quality time on lucrative business interactions.

Automate operations - By enabling self service, our IVR will take care of callers who wish to look up account balances, process transactions, balance transfers, flight timings, or just promotional schemes. By efficiently managing your agent workforce, you can do away with additional expenses for staffing and training.

Configure call flows using Intuitive IVR Designer - You can configure call flows on-the-fly with the IVR Designer for end-to-end caller experience. Use intuitive menu and action buttons to create diagrammatic representation of your call flows. With simple drag and drop abilities, you don't need to have knowledge of complicated programming constructs.

Interface with third-party databases - Tighter integration with third party database not only allows your agents to obtain the right information immediately, it also allows your customers to look up information regarding their accounts directly with DTMF input.

Cut back wait time - Piesoft Ameyo IVR and ACD solutions, when used in conjunction, cut back your caller wait times with the help of flexible call queue management. Your callers will be informed of estimated wait-times so they can call back at specific time and do not waste their time waiting during busiest hours of the day. Supervisors can monitor and manage call queues to ensure that agents are uniformly distributed across queues.

Obtain real time and updated information - Provide your agents with latest information pertaining to callers for faster and more reliable service, via our user-friendly CRM system. Reduce dependence on humans for information retrieval and record searching, and let the automatic IVR do all the work.

Scale up operations effortlessly - Now increase your capacity without investing in propriety hardware. Piesoft Ameyo IVR solution does not require heavy investment at the onset or during capacity upgrades when you wish to scale up operations.

Manage voice recording with ease - Store your voice logs in any format. Search through voice records based on parameters such as agent, time-line, disposition, etc, and use multimedia features (replay, rewind, forward).

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