MicroPoly Lubricants :: Chain Lubrication System

By: Phymet  09-12-2011

This applicator employs grooved blocks of MicroPoly to lubricate chains. The applicator is available in a variety of designs, one of which is shown here. The block’s profile is designed to fit into the chain profile. The oil contained in the MicroPoly is transferred as the chain moves along the blocks. Since MicroPoly has a large reservoir of oil, the blocks provide a long lasting method of chain lubrication with reduced maintenance and improved housekeeping and safety. The applicator sizes are listed in the table at right.

Available in 6" lengths.

ANSI Chain Single Double Triple Quadruple
25 X X X X
35 X X X X
41 X X X X
40 X X X X
50 X X X X
60 X X X X
80 X X X
100 X X

120 X X    
140 X      
160 X      
180 X      
200 X      
240 X      

MPF-0696 and MPI-0779 generally in stock. Also available in other formulas.

Minimum order quantities may apply.

Mounting bracket (not pictured) available upon request.

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This cost savings is based on purchasing fewer wheels over the life of the crane and does not include savings from the downtime involved in replacing the wheels. This patented system consists of two MicroPoly arcs and a mounting system that makes use of existing axle bolts on each side of the crane. PhyMet's revolutionary MicroPoly lube arcs dramatically reduce wear on overhead crane wheel flanges.


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Since the MicroPoly has a large reservoir of oil, the sprockets provide a long lasting method of chain lubrication with reduced maintenance and improved housekeeping and safety. When inserted as an idler sprocket in a chain line, oil is transferred from the MicroPoly to the chain as the sprocket rotates against the chain. Please contact PhyMet's technical staff 743-8061 for details on custom sprockets.


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