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By: Photon  09-12-2011

Standard Photodiode Sensors - 10pW to 3W
Ophir's Laser Measurement Photodiode PD-300 sensor series measures laser power with spectral coverage from 200nm – 1800nm, and automatic background subtraction so the laser measurement is not sensitive to room light. All models have wavelength calibration built into the system.Round Photodiode Sensors – 20pW to 3W
Ophir's Laser Measurement Round Photodiode sensor series measures laser power similar to the standard photodiode sensors where cylindrical geometry is preferable. Fits SM-1 threads. 

Special Photodiode Sensors
Integrating spheres for measuring laser power of divergent beams, flat response sensors for broadband sources, eye response detectors for Lux measurements, peak detector for measuring scanned or chopped laser beams. FPS-1 sensor for measuring temporal laser response into oscilloscope with 1ns response time.

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Laser Beam Position measurement | Size Sensors

BeamTrack series Thermal Sensors 40mW to 150W Thermal sensors that measure laser power and single shot energy like standard thermal sensors but in addition measure laser beam position and laser size. Laser Position Measurement is important for laser alignment where the laser position sensor can provide feedback to the laser position control.