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By: Photolena  09-12-2011

Photographic Documentation

Much of a city’s past can be experienced through the architecture of it’s industrial sector. From towering Art Deco skyscrapers to machine-age manufacturing warehouses, each of these structures holds within it the stories of our past. Too often, these historical gems fall into disrepair and are forgotten to the elements and time, eventually fading away to make room for redevelopment and reuse of prime land.

Photographing and documenting these sites and their stories helps us maintain a link to our past, while allowing a development to integrate changes while maintaining the original historical integrity of a site. Photographing these sites before they are redeveloped is ideal for:

  • historical preservation and documentation
  • movie shoot location documentation & promotion
  • historical and corporate publications
  • brownfield redevelopment marketing materials


My images are available for editorial publication. Please contact me for a price quote depending on your project. Please include the following information:

  • Publication type (textbook, trade book, magazine article, etc.)
  • Usage (cover, spot, 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page)
  • Size and length of press run

Please view the individual portfolios for sample work and contact photolena to see how industrial photography can complement your next project.

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prints - Photolena

Please contact me directly with your photo information such as title, size, and desired framing method, and you will be provided with a quote based on your request and included shipping, along with method for payment. Limited edition archival photographic prints (maximum 20 lifetime editions) are available for purchase framed, printed on plexiglass and aluminum, or acrylic poured.