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Well, after much organizing, gathering, and stalling followed by working, we are pleased to present our latest effort, . The section is divided into three categories. The first is an expanded and updated look at , from and to and , with a lot of interesting bands and musicians in between.

The second section takes a look at the use of photostrips, and to a lesser extent photobooths themselves, in , on the covers and in the liner notes of LPs, CDs, and other recorded media. These run the gamut from well-known classics like Liz Phair’s to more obscure works like Electrelane’s single for “” and “” by the Swedes.

The final section examines the role of photobooths in , ranging from a passing reference in a lyric to the title and subject of a song. From mega-bands like to singer-songwriters like , musicians have used the idea of the photobooth and the photos it produces to convey a host of different ideas and feelings. Bands like and have even named songs after the photo-making machines; my new favorite is “” by School for the Dead.

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It ranks not only as one of the most iconic and enigmatic portrayals of an artist’s own image, but its multi-panel format and use of mechanically-produced photographic imagery are also acknowledged as the most radical advancements in portraiture since Cubism. Andy Warhol’s four-paneled Self-Portrait, 1963–1964, is acclaimed in every Warhol monograph and exhibition catalogue as his first seminal self-portrait.

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