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By: Phonics Plus Five  09-12-2011


When we are young children and we look at items that are grouped together, we are taught that their sequence, or order, doesn't matter.

For example:

Our experience has taught us that these are all the "same" group of birds. The order they appear in doesn't make any difference.

However, when we learn how to read, suddenly, the sequence of the objects - in this case - becomes essential.

Sequencing is what allows us to take combinations and by changing their order, arrive at totally different words—as you can see in these words:

live evil veil
pale leap plea
now won own

These differences in sequencing are obvious to us, but not to a young child who has not yet learned to read. Yet amazingly, children are not taught this essential aspect of reading. However, in the Sequences in Sight program of the Phonics Plus Five™ system, children easily and rapidly acquire the sequencing skills they need.

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How to use the Phonics Plus Five Kit

Take your child through a simple skills checkBefore starting the teaching, you can take your child through a simple skills check that tells you exactly which program in the Phonics Plus Five system is the right one for you to start with. At the end of each level, there is a progress check that lets you assess if your child has successfully mastered all the skills taught in that section.