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By: Phonics Plus Five  09-12-2011
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There are six levels of programs. Each program steadily increases in complexity and builds on what is taught in the prior level. Starting with level 2, each level contains a set of six books and a large set of words.

Getting started: Take your child through a simple skills check
Before starting the teaching, you can take your child through a simple skills check that tells you exactly which program in the Phonics Plus Five system is the right one for you to start with. (Download the Skills Assessment here.)

Level 1: Get Set- teaches your child the physical skills of literacy -- the visual skills required for reading and the writing skills to produce all the letters of the alphabet in a clear, smooth manner

Level 2: Boarding - gets your child reading, understanding and writing meaningful ideas right away by teaching your child to read and write a range of key nouns (, kidsgirl, bird), verbs (actions such as eat, walk, fly) and “helping”words (the, some, is, can, are, etc.).Level 3: Runway- greatly expands the range of ideas your child reads and writes by adding new nouns (puppies, man, water), verbs relevant to those nouns (run, fix, move, including words that convey motivation such as need, want, like), pronouns (she, I, we) additional “helping”words (that, also, both, of) and questions words (who, what, which). Level 4: Liftoff- enhances your child's ability to tell and understand stories by teaching the words to convey past tense (was, did, were), along with increasing the range of nouns (ground, rocks) verbs (push, think, hurt), “helping”words (most, on, any), and adjectives (sad, happy, nice, -y as in dirty, rocky)Level 5: Airborne - gets your child reading solid subject matter that is different from typical stories and essential to school success by introducing a wide variety of objects and beings from the natural world (animals, rainbow, moon, tongue, group,people, , earth) and higher level question words (why, when, how). These are then incorporated into books that convey science type information.Level 6: Soaring - has your child reading rich stories which provide a sense of fun while teaching complex cause and effect relationships by expanding the range of nouns (computer, letter, fish) and verbs (change, know, float), and introducing a set of complex ideas (luck, true, never, change, sure).

At the end of each level, there is a progress check that lets you assess if your child has successfully mastered all the skills taught in that section.

To get an idea how the program is taught, please

Keywords: teaching

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However, in the Sequences in Sight program of the Phonics Plus Five™ system, children easily and rapidly acquire the sequencing skills they need. Sequencing is what allows us to take combinations and by changing their order, arrive at totally different words—as you can see in these words. When we are young children and we look at items that are grouped together, we are taught that their sequence, or order, doesn't matter.