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By: Phone Support  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Protection Service, Independent Trader

Does your business want to minimize fraud and order returns; but are unable to justify the overpriced monthly charges from companies and there inflexibility with regards order and tariffs?

Do your customers want to speak to a human being instead of a voice activated machine?

Are your customers tired of arguing with an outsourced impersonal oversees customer service that does not fully understand what they are saying?

Credit and debit card fraud costs UK businesses billions of pounds each year. Whether you are an independent trader or a large corporation, combating fraud is essential. The eFraudCall Outgoing Order Verification service may be the solution to all of your problems..

  • A low price per call means the service is available to anyone, whether they have only 1 order per month or 10,000.
  • All calls are made using your company name as if it was from a company employee.
  • All order details are confirmed and recorded.
  • Customers get a call in their time zone at a time convenient to them.
  • Speaking to a real person increases customer satisfaction.

The eFraudCall Outgoing Order Verification brings peace of mind to companies who wish to reduce fraud and order errors without having to go to the expense of hiring in-house staff. The seamless integration with company systems provides a fast, secure and cost-effective fraud protection service that no company should be without.

How does the order Verification Process Work?

Once the customer places an order on your website, the system queues a call from a real agent. The phone agent calls the customer to confirm they placed an order from your company, with the following possible outcomes:

1. Order Confirmed
A success message is sent to the company.

2. Order Unknown/Customer Unknown at that number
A "Refused" message is sent.

3. Customer has a query
If the customer has a query or dispute regarding the order details the agent marks it "Referred" or can transfer it directly to a customer service number if provided.

4. Customer requests a call back
The call will be added back to the queue at a time convenient to the customer.

5. Customer is unavailable
The customer will automatically be added back to the queue. If the agent fails to contact the customer after three attempts, a "Failed" message is returned.

Keywords: Customer Service, Debit Card Fraud, Independent Trader, Order Verification Service, Protection Service,

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