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By: Phitools  09-12-2011

Our expert group provides consulting and other services for pharmaceutical industries, clinical trial organisations, corporations and other institutions interested in up-to-date knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.


PhiTools experts provide teaching and training for professionals in the field of sleep and alertness, their assessment and management.

  • People may be trained and evaluated on the technical aspects of polysomnography, quantitative EEG, actigraphy and questionnaires, including electrode positioning and sleep scoring using specialized computer software.
  • Workshops intented to professionals in the field of sleep and alertness, their assessment and management.
  • Adapted to the target population, general to specific knowledge on sleep and wake management can also be provided to healthcare and social personnel, school and college teachers, managers, etc.


PhiTools also provide services in the field of psychophysiological and chronobiological research.

  • Study design and experimental planning.
  • Standardisation of signal measurements and processing techniques.
  • Polysomnographic sleep/wake stage interpretation by experts.
  • Quantitative biosignal analysis with artifact processing.
  • Time series and statistical data analysis.
  • Result interpretation and report writing.

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PhiTools: Software Tools for Physiology - products

As a stand alone compiled version, all you need to start working with the PRANA® Production Suite is an IBM compatible personal computer or a virtual machine running a Windows operating system. These optional software plug-ins feature general to specific time-varying or event-related quantitative biosignal analysis as well as various transient event and pattern detection methods.