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By: Phitools  09-12-2011
Keywords: Software Suite, Graphical User Interfaces

Advanced biosignal processing and time series analysis

Reviewer for PSG scoring and qEEG analysis

A series of additional graphically interfaced modules accompany the PRANA® Software Suite for polysomnography and biosignal processing. These optional software plug-ins feature general to specific time-varying or event-related quantitative biosignal analysis as well as various transient event and pattern detection methods. Report generators can instantly edit and print comprehensive study reports available as portable computer files including data statistics and graphical representations.

Profiler for time series vizualisation and post-processing

The Profiler program features fusion of time series from multiple sources and offers various kind of 2-D or 3-D temporal and spectral representations and many data post-processing options, such as transformation, normalization, resampling, moving-average, interpolation, selection and sorting.

Together with its rich and reliable export fuctions the Profiler program provides a fast and convenient way of preparing data sets for further statistical testing.

Data management tools

The PRANA® software for biosignal processing has convenient tools to rapidly access essential data and programs and contains. Its comprehensive and fully-featured graphical user interfaces enable access and modification of all software default settings.

The important amount of computations required by the software for several algorithms may require a powerful configuration, with a rapid central processing unit, a fast video board and a comfortable amount of rapid-access memory, which will speed up both data processing and reviewing.

Recommended configuration:

  • CPU AMD or Intel 2.6GHz processor,
  • 2GB RAM,
  • 500GB hard drive,
  • 1280x1024 graphic card with 32-bit colors and 19-inch monitor,
  • Windows 7 32 or 64-bit operating systems.

Brochures containing detailed information about the PRANA® software package and its optional software plug-ins can be downloaded below.

As a stand alone compiled version, all you need to start working with the PRANA® Production Suite is an IBM compatible personal computer or a virtual machine running a Windows operating system.

Keywords: Graphical User Interfaces, Software Suite

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