Emflon AVF Autoclave Vent Filters

By: Pharmaceutical Online  09-12-2011
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Product sterilization using the vacuum autoclave method is a critical process demanding the highest performance standards for equipment and precise quality control procedures. Vacuum break filters used at the end of the sterilising cycle must therefore satisfy these standards and prove reliable and effective even under extremes of operating conditions.

Pall has developed a special autoclave vent filter (AVF) incorporating EMFLON II filter medium, a modified PVDF porous membrane with outstanding performance characteristics. When the filter medium is pleated into a high-surface-area autoclave vent filter. a filter unit of high flow capacity and considerable mechanical strength is obtained.

Why AVF Filters are Superior

Total Bacterial and Bacteriophage Retention

Emflon® II filters have been validated by a range of techniques. In bacterial challenge tests using Brevundimonas diminuta in both aerosol and liquid form. total bacterial retention is achieved. In addition. aerosol challenge tests using T1 bacteriophage (0.05 µm x 0.1 µm) and smaller particles permit extrapolation to a gas removal rating of 0.01µm. Thus, removal of bacteria and bacteriophage is ensured. giving complete security during the vacuum break period regardless of in-rush flow rate. (See Pall publication STR 1132b)

Effective in Wet or Dry Air

The hydrophobic nature of the Emflon II membrane. together with its fully validated microbial ratings ensure effective sterile filtration in wet conditions. There is no need to prevent condensation, or to dry the filter cartridge. Furthermore. AVF filters do not permit 'grow through' of bacteria under any conditions.

Efficiency Independent of Flow Rate

AVF filters are not influenced by air velocity. Limiting orifices, as fitted to non-absolute (depth type) filters are therefore not required. High flow rates can be used to provide maximum benefits.

High Mechanical Strength

The design and composition of AVF filters provide exceptional mechanical strength in both flow directions. Only pure polypropylene and EMFLON 11 medium melt-sealed together are used to produce a compact, light-weight filter cartridge with no metal parts to rust or corrode.

Steam Sterilizable

AVF filters can be steam-sterilized repeatedly at up to 140 °C. in an autoclave.

Guaranteed Performance and Reliability

All filters are 100% tested for integrity before despatch using the high sensitivity forward flow test developed by Pall. This ensures that the filter will meet the exacting performance standards specified. In addition, a double-layer of Emflon II membrane in each cartridge provides total reliability and security throughout the service life.

Keywords: Filters

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