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By: Pfic Analyzer  09-12-2011

Tax Services | International, Transactions, Transfer Pricing, GST and VAT, Personal taxes, Planning, Policy, Tax Accounting - Ernst & Young

The global tax landscape continues to change in a dramatic fashion, with near-constant news hitting the headlines regarding shifting tax policy, increasing levels of enforcement and the growing potential of reputational risk.

Competing priorities

Multinational companies now have to balance more competing priorities than ever before, ensuring they protect their business by monitoring and responding to changes in policy, legislation and tax enforcement, while at the same time ensuring they not only maintain the highest levels of compliance but also add value from the tax function.

Governments work to secure each tax dollar they're due

From a policy perspective, all governments want their country to be viewed as an attractive place to do business, to attract jobs and capital in an increasingly competitive globalized arena.

At the same time, they want to increase the amount of revenue they bring in. Governments are treading a fine line, constantly assessing how to secure the tax revenues they see as rightly theirs, while at the same time being in direct competition with other nations, making sure they do not scare off mobile capital.

Tax administrations for their part are adapting their enforcement strategies, focus and policies in response to the changing dynamics of business. They areworking to ensure that their resources are being applied to the right issues and taxpayers. They share more leading practices and taxpayer information with their foreign counterparts, to help them collect every dollar due.

Disputes are on the rise

The result has been more  frequent, complex and higher value disputes between taxpayers and taxing authorities — a trend that is only increasing as countries collaborate together and as emerging markets gain in stature and influence, taking a more sophisticated approach to taxation. Penalties are becoming more stringent and the threat of reputational risk has risen significantly in recent months.

We can help you to navigate a route through this complex landscape.

We can help you monitor and react to quickly-changing tax policy and assess the economic and fiscal impact.

Where tax policies might create an impediment to your business that is unintended by policy makers, we can help you to collaborate – either solely, or as part of a broader grouping of companies who share a common objective – with government to:

  • Explain the impediment
  • Develop alternative policy choices which are logical and well thought out
  • Model the potential outcomes
  • Deliver an alternative choice to the government in a form with which policy makers can comfortably work

We also help you address your global tax controversy, enforcement and disclosure needs.

We focus on pre-filing controversy management to help you properly and consistently file your returns and prepare the relevant back-up documentation.

Where a controversy has already occurred, our professionals leverage the network's collective knowledge of how tax authorities operate, and increasingly work together, to help resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes. To ensure that continuous performance improvements are instigated after a controversy, we work with Ernst & Young's other tax professionals to ensure that similar events are less likely to occur.

Below you can access our views and analysis of some of the substantial policy and enforcement trends and issues at play today.

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