Why PermaFLOW

By: Pf Waterworks  09-12-2011
Keywords: drain, diamond ring, Bathroom Sink

1. Long Needed

"I couldn't believe what I saw when I received the notice on this product. I installed the two I bought and enjoy the freedom from cleaning and fishing. Bathroom sinks are famous for clogging because of the oils entering the sink. Also I have on several occasions have had to fish out a ring or other objects from the sink. Now cleaning and fishing are a snap.

2. Great product

"This is a wonderful invention! So far no clogged drains! Just turn the valve every so often and you sink should never clog! Love the design and the tight fit with the other plumbing- no leaks either!"

3. Great idea, Easy five minute install, Never clog!!!

Got this as a gift as requested. It took all of five minutes to install it, that includes getting a bucket to remove the existing p-trap, unscrew everything (no tools even needed), take out old p-trap, put this one in, screwed everything back on.

4. Drained

I am a single woman with a single daughter who should have been moved out years ago! For years My bathroom sink would clog leading to use some very strong chemicals or calling on my boy friend to remove the drain and remove the debris. usually lots of hair. I ordered this and presented this task to my boyfriend who was skeptical at first but the knob impressed him. The installation was easy,

5. It's awesome! Buy with your eyes shut!

Guess what! It's such a big peace of mind to know that your drain pipe is transparent. Even when I don't own a diamond ring that could get lodged there! Even my very experienced grey-haired ARS guy the other day was awestruck when he saw that. "Where did you get that? It's amazing!" he remarked. It felt good that I was ahead of his other customers and

6. Great for bathrooms

Like most men, I have facial hair that requires the occasional trimming/shaving/ shaping/modifying. I usually perform said maintenance over my bathroom sink. Unfortunately, everywhere I've ever lived and shaved at, the sink starts to clog. Doesn't matter if I diligently remove move of the hair and throw it in the trash, some works its way into the drain and

7. Excellent product

I purchased 6 PermaFlow products to put into a new home. They work wonderfully. It is so helpful to have a visual of what is or is not in the drain! I recommend them to all my friends. Simple but effective!

8. PermaFLOW Review

I read all of the reviews of this product, pro and con, including the responses by the manufacturer. I decided to order two of them to try. They were easy to install and haven't leaked a drop. I am going to order two more. To those who gave the product bad reviews, either you haven't tried them or you did something wrong. I think one of the problems some people have may be caused by over tightening.

Keywords: Bathroom Sink, diamond ring, drain