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By: Petranek Fitness  09-12-2011
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Andy Petranek - Founder & Head Coach

Andy Petranek is the founder of CrossFit Los Angeles. He has been inspiring people to lives of health and fitness for over 20 years. His passion for life and sport has led him in many directions - from classical music as a teenager, to the Marine Corps, whitewater kayaking, and professional adventure racing. His skills as a coach come from years spent as a student, his "beginners mindset", and his desire to grow and learn continuously through life. He trains/coaches individuals and groups of all ages and fitness levels in nutrition, fitness, and athletic conditioning. His workouts, designed to be completed in less than 30 minutes, are the most effective and efficient you'll find anywhere.

Michael Stanwyck - Head Coach

Michael came on board with CrossFit LA in 2006 and, finding something here that he had never found in his workouts and training before, quickly rose to the top of our leader boards. When he expressed an interest in instructing, we welcomed him with open arms.

Sam Martin

Sam came to CFLA straight out of the world of academia. With college professors as parents, athletics were not necessarily revered in his home. But as you'll see when you meet him, with both desire and persistance, anything is possible!

Jeremy “Jonesy” Jones

Jonesy came to us in 2007 completely frustrated by "pop-fitness" in Los Angeles health clubs. Finding our gym was a relief to him since we gave him a place to train more like what he was used to - and great for us, since he brought with him so many years of athletic training experience.

Shirley Brown

You'd never believe it if you saw her, but Shirley wasn't particularly fond of athletics or working out growing up! That all changed in high school and college.. when she found one of her passions.. working with kids!

Class Instructors

Jennifer Shoskes

Jennifer has been a student of health and fitness at CFLA for over 5 years. Energetic and passionate, She is personally inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.. and loves helping them make that happen!

Logan Gelbrich

Logan came to CFLA in 2009 after retiring from baseball (San Diego Padres), willing to scrub floors for any piece of the action. After interning for a year, the idea of men and women changing their lives by training like athletes was enough to change his!

Matt "Magner" Wagner

Magner’s life and career has followed a CrossFit path: constantly varied, intense (but fun!), and absolutely functional (…well, not always). He is an executive recruiter for the entertainment industry and a former actor, writer, and theater producer. He started CrossFitting at CFLA in 2008 and fell in love with it and the community.. so much that even with no experience in the health and fitness world, he jumped on board with our Instructor Training Program. After many trials and tribulations, he's now a full-fledged CFLA Class Coach (oh, and he's also a fairly new dad!)

Chris Devlin

Devlin's been an athlete most of his life, predominantly in team sports like lacrosse, football, basketball, and rugby. After discovering CrossFit over 4 years ago, he was quickly hooked, and became a fixture at CFLA - the epitome of hard work and persistance. More recently, he became part of our Instructor Training Program because of his desire to share what he knows with others. When he's not working as an actor (you might have seen him on your flat screen), he's either CrossFitting, mountain biking, rock climbing, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors.

CFLA Instructor Training Program

Keywords: athletic training

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CrossFit LA | CrossFit Los Angeles - WhatWeDo

It includes an extensive physical assessment (biomechanics, posture, gait, movement, strength, and coordination) and movement analysis followed by specific exercise programming that will bring you back to peak performance. Corrective Exercise – to rebuild the strength of in-active, weak muscle tissue and to restore balance in the neuromuscular system.


CrossFit LA | CrossFit Los Angeles - PhotoTour

Athletes will be tested in every domain and skill CrossFit has to offer to see who'll be on our competition squad. Join your coaches & community for a night of food, drinks, ugly sweaters, & holiday cheer. Team CFLA will culminate three months of focused training with THE GAUNTLET. Sat, Dec 10 - Sun, Dec 11, 2011.


CrossFit LA | CrossFit Los Angeles - WhatisCrossFit

Making an adjustment in a workout for a beginner means reducing the total reps or rounds, reducing the distance, eliminating the clock, reducing the weight, and/or reducing the complexity of a movement. I reduced my training time each week by more than 60%, I was doing more functional strength training than ever, and adding in new gymnastic and weightlifting movements.


CrossFit LA | CrossFit Los Angeles - HowWeAreDifferent

We choose exercises that make large demands on your nervous and muscular systems and require many muscle groups to work together synergistically. You may not know it, but they NEVER do leg extensions, leg curls, leg press, or adduction/abduction exercises. Weight machines were designed by engineers to simulate the isolated movement of one muscle in your body. In real life, your body rarely uses one muscle at a time independently of all others.