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By: Peterson Sawmills  09-12-2011
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Fast product, accurate timber
The WPF was designed for fast production milling of high quality, extremely accurate timber. If you’ve got a pile of logs all ready to be milled up at one site, then this mill is ideal for you. It is much the same mill as our fully automated mill, the ASM, but the WPF is manual. It has has the capability to cut up to 8 cubic meters (3500bft) a day.*

If size matters this mill is for you!
With the WPF mill you can add extensions to any length without compromising accuracy or speed. In fact several of our millers have nearly doubled their production just by adding an extra set of tracks.Click here to see a 40′ log set up to be milled.

The WPF mill can easily Double Cut to get wide slabs without having to turn the head of the mill, as you do with some other brands of swingblade sawmills. Learn more about how Peterson mills Double Cut.

The most efficient manual sawmill
The WPF has a one-point lowering system,which means there is only one winch that raises and lowers the bed of the mill. An optional Electric Winch enables accurate vertical sizing with the push of a button.

Watch a video that shows how the electric winch works.

The WPF comes standard with a Lo/Lo track set-up but can be upgraded to Hi/Lo tracks which allow easy log loading and prevent sawdust build-up on the Lo track. With the Hi/Lo set-up logs can be moved into place either ramped over the low track or rolled under the high track.

Mill Specifications

Blade 6" 8" 10"
Motor Petrol Motors: 13hp, 20hp, 24hp Honda, 25 hp, 27hp, 30hp, 38hp† Kohler
Diesel Motors:
23hp Lombardini Diesel*
Electric Motor:
20hp 3-phase 15kw†
Maximum Cut 6" x 6"
(152.4 x 152.4mm)
8" x 8"
(203.2 x 203.2mm)

10" x 10"
(254 x 254mm)

Double Cut

6" x 12"
(152.4 x 304.8mm)

8" x 16"
(203.2 x 406.4mm)
10" x 20"
(254 x 508mm)
Max. Log Diameter 4′ (1.2m) 4′ (1.2m) 5′ (1.5m)
Max. log length on std tracks 20′ (6m) Unlimited track extensions are available
Average Production** 1200 – 3500bft+ per day
3 – 8+ cubic meters per day

* Check for availability in your country
* * Production numbers may vary due to species and size of cut
† Only available on 10" models

Accessories for the WPF

Weight Breakdown

The mill breaks down easily and quickly into smaller parts for incredible portability. The WPF fits easily into the back of your ute/pick-up.

Main Carriage 230kg 507lb
102kg 225lb
24kg 53lb
30kg 66lb
10kg 22lb
Total 396kg 873lb

**Uprights only required when using Hi/Lo setup

Easy Set-up

1. Set up your skids at each end of the log.

2. Place the track and levelers onto the skids. Ensure the tracks are parallel by looking along them at eye level.

3. Wheel the carriage and place onto the tracks. Remove the wheels. The sawing process can now begin.

Keywords: Mill Specifications, Wpf,

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