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By: Permatron  09-12-2011
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A worldwide leader in the manufacture of washable electrostatic air filters since 1957.  We offer innovative product design and precision engineering of equipment protection filters for HVAC, refrigeration and process cooling equipment.  Air filters are available for residential, commercial/industrial, OEM and aftermarket applications.  Our filter designs give you the least cost over useful life and help reduce maintenance and energy costs by optimizing system efficiency.

Air intakes across the country are getting clogged with cottonwood, insects and other debris.  Failure to provide cost effective air intake protection to  building or equipment fans, motors, heat exchangers and other process cooling systems adds up to a costly loss of productivity in safe and effective system operations.  This is especially true of refrigeration and cooling application systems where heat transfer surfaces are dramatically impacted by buildup of dirt on the surface.

According to EPA research, 0.042 inches of dirt on an air conditioning coil can reduce its efficiency by 21 percent.  In some parts of the country, cottonwood season means that the condenser coils become completely impacted in a very short period of time.  This requires frequent and labor intensive hand-brushing, chemical treatment, evacuation with compressed air and/or CO².  Chemical cleaning can present environmental drainage issues and is restricted in some areas of the country.  Airflow obstructions and dirt buildup will impact equipment's ability to work efficiently.  Dirty equipment means energy efficiency decrease, increased amp draw and motor strain.  Forced to run for longer cycle times at reduced capacity, operating costs escalate, breakdowns occur, and equipment life expectancy decreases.Proper air filtration will prevent debris from impacting equipment performance.  Permatron air filtration products offer you cost effective solutions.

Keywords: Air Filters, air filtration, Air Filtration Products, Air Intake, Electrostatic Air Filters, Equipment Protection Filters, Filtration Products,

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Dry Coolers

Frequent cleaning is especially hard on this type of unit because it sits on the ground, elevated on 2-1/2' legs, with the high velocity air intake located beneath the unit. Reduced air flow causes equipment to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, decreased life expectancy, increased filter changes and escalating power costs.


Cooling Towers

As debris is continuously drawn into the air intake of cooling towers, fouling the cooling water and increasing the need for chemicals to clean up sludge build-up, bacteria proliferation and bio-film on internal surfaces which lead to corrosion of the basin walls.


Air Intake Louvers

Cottonwood seeds, leaves, pollen, paper debris, industrial waste, nesting birds, construction debris and insects are continuously drawn into air intakes costing thousands of dollars and man hours on equipment repair downtime and maintenance. Reduced air flow causes equipment to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, decreased life expectancy, increased filter changes and escalating power costs.