Mental Skills for Competition & for Life Audio CD/MP3

By: Performance Prime  09-12-2011
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This 95-MINUTE AUDIO TUTORIAL discusses how to improve key mental skills that affect your ability to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE in challenging situations. Find out what hundreds of high-performance racers, other athletes, and occupational professionals and executives from around the world have learned over the past 30 years working with Dr. Jacques Dallaire, Co-Founder of Human Performance International, Inc. and how these "tools" have helped them to reach their performance goals.

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This product will help you to: Achieve razor-sharp mental skills.. Learn how to "get and stay in the zone".. Develop a championship mindset.. Consistently deliver your best performance in every competitive situation.

Mental Skills for Competition.. and for Life

95-Minute Audio MP3 Album

What other high-performance individuals are saying..

Professional Racing Driver - Champion:

"I have known Dr. Jacques Dallaire for nearly 20 years and have found his skills to be immensely helpful during my career as a professional racing driver. His audio CD is a terrific addition to my 'tool kit' for race-preparation. Now if I can just get it loaded into my IPod!"
- Ron Fellows - 3-time ALMS GT1 Champion

Professional Golfer:

"The 'Mental Skills for Competition and for Life' CD is the best reinforcement tool that I use. It is a constant reminder of what needs to be done to achieve excellence in both competition and in life. You can't help but gravitate toward being the best that you're capable of with this CD. I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to get the edge on the competition and enjoy a more fulfilling life."
- Brian Umbach - Competitor, USA Moonlight Golf Tour

Engineer - US Space & Naval Warfare:

"In a previous life as a high-performance soccer player, I never understood how to get into the zone, I just knew it when I was there. I had the competitive edge - I felt in control, confident, unbeatable, focused. Now in my second career as the lead software engineer at Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR), I have learned that I need this edge more than ever. I have found that Dr. Dallaire's insights and techniques have provided me with the ability to control my dominant thought and effectively get out of my own way from a mental skills point of view. I now understand what it means to be 'in the zone' and how I can get there on command, and what more can you ask for!! The 'Mental Skills for Competition and for Life' audio CD is an invaluable tool that has helped me learn how to deliver my best performances. This information can help you whether you're a professional athlete, a high powered executive or someone who is looking to improve their performance. Everybody has a need for this!!"
- Tony Camacho, Lead Software Engineer - Space and Naval Warfare, US Navy

Professional Racing Driver - Champion:

"I've known Jacques Dallaire for many years now. For me, HPI has been a source of the very best information on focus, concentration, awareness of concentration lapse, nutrition and optimal work out techniques. I'm a professional race car driver and business owner; I don't have time for information that isn't accurate, to the point and useful. I always have time for Doc Dallaire. His new CD is full of information that everyone should make time for. I personally found it to be a very useful refresher for all mental areas of my racing and business professions."
- Andy Pilgrim - 2005 Speed World Challenge GT Class Champion

Professional Racing Driver - Champion:

"After winning two championships in two years, I wanted to raise the bar on my personal performance and decided to tap into the internationally-recognized performance program created by Dr. Jacques Dallaire. Through his audio CD - 'Mental Skills for Competition and for Life', the ACT-model process he has developed, and HPI's MindSHAPER Suite software program, I now have a new arsenal of very effective tools that I can use to optimize my performance in the race car and beyond. Most high-level racers from around the world know of Dr. Dallaire and HPI's work but I recommend this audio CD to any high-performance professional in any performance-driven arena. If you want to be better, this CD can show you the way."
- Craig Stanton - 2005 Grand-Am GT Champion; 2004 Grand-Am Cup GS Class Champion


Mental Skills for Competition.. and for Life

95-Minute Audio MP3 Album

Keywords: Mental Skills

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