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By: Performance Enhancement Professionals  09-12-2011
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Performance Enhancement Professionals is a full-service training facility providing multi-faceted, individualized programs to fully support, enhance and improve the athletic abilities of our clients.

Training at Performance Enhancement Professionals is specifically targeted towards high performing athletes.

  • Professional Athlete
  • Elite Amateur Athlete
  • Business Executive

The decision to work together is mutual and is made only after an initial meeting is held to determine whether the physical needs of each individual athlete coincide with the training philosophy established by Ian Danney and Performance Enhancement Professionals.

PEP has assembled a staff with over 20 years of experience training elite athletes. The trainers themselves were all internationally competitive athletes, competing in four Olympic Game and eight years of professional team sports.

At PEP, athletes get exposure to training techniques and equipment that they will not find anywhere else. Certain methods are proprietary for PEP has developed many training methods using equipment, techniques and methodologies not found elsewhere. Each athlete will be exposed to components of training that are unique to the industry.


  • Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation — detailed individualized assessment
  • Speed Training
  • Strength Training
  • Power Training
  • Combine Training
  • Field Agility/Quickness
  • Optimizing Body Composition
  • Optimizing Fitness Level to Lengthen Career/Career Longevity


Unique programs and credible results have given Coach Danney a reputation that coaches and trainers across the globe wish to emulate. Ian willingly teaches his techniques, consulting with coaches and trainers of teams and individual professional and elite amateur athletes. Many teams and athletes who are unable to be in Scottsdale seek his advice on training, nutrition and supplement programs, consulting with Ian on improving and organizing their existing programs.

Therapy — Recovery & Restoration Techniques

At PEP, therapy and training go hand in hand and, as far as recovery from a workout is concerned, there is no substitute for a proper work to rest ratio. By having your program completely individualized and carefully monitored, Coach Danney and his trainers ensure that your training is optimized to prevent injuries and realize maximum gains.

Additionally, you will be exposed to several recovery techniques including Active Release Technique (ART), Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Adjustment, Hot and Cold baths and a host of other therapeutic modalities. With the extensive network of support personnel we have, you can be assured that your training and therapy will be seamlessly integrated to enhance and maximize your all-around program so that it benefits your entire body.


Coach Danney holds a strong belief that in order to realize the full benefits of his training programs, it is imperative that each athlete also incorporate a custom nutrition and supplement program. You are not just what you eat; you are what you do with what you eat.

Nutrition is an often-overlooked aspect of many training programs. Being as lean as possible for your position makes a big difference in your performance. Additionally, in order to optimize your recovery from training, you need to be attending to your body's nutritional needs. At PEP, you will receive a detailed eating plan based on your individual goals and body analysis. During our assessment, we determine your optimal nutrient ratios, energy intake and meal timing. Then, our Performance Chef meets with you to determine personal food likes and dislikes. Based on this information, a meal plan is created to help you achieve personal training goals. Every morning, five fresh, delicious 100% organic meals will be delivered to your residence.

Following a custom supplement program is just as important as following the nutrition program we develop for you. The two go hand in hand. PEP will devise a precise supplement regimen to further enhance your training and recovery efforts. All supplements used are ethical and safe for testing. We utilize many proprietary formulas that will be tailored to your personalized training and will synergistically work with your biological individuality.

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