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By: Performance Auto Glass  09-12-2011
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A car windshield is made up of two pieces of glass that are separated by a layer of "PVB" (polyvinyl butyrate) that essentially glues' the two pieces together. This has several benefits, the most important being that in the event of a crash, it is much more difficult for objects outside a car to get in (or passengers to be ejected from the car), and the windshield is unlikely to break into lots of small pieces. This layer can also help block out harmful UV rays, can add some tinting, and can help reduce the amount of sound that comes through the windshield.

When a windshield is replaced, 1-hour drive away times are common (meaning that after an hour, you can drive the car, and the windshield is guaranteed to stay in place). However, it can take 8-24 hours for the adhesive to fully dry. This means that in some types of collisions (rollovers or head-on collisions), the windshield could pop off, causing the roof to crush more easily, or airbags not to function properly (as they use the windshield for support).

Car Windshields - Glossary

Tempered Glass

A type of glass that is stronger than normal, and designed to shatter into small pieces (rather than large, sharp pieces) if broken. Tempered glass is made by heating it and then quickly cooling it.

Fast Cure Urethane

An adhesive that can be used on windshields that cures quickly, allowing the car to be driven safely sooner. One brand has a safe drive away time of 4 hours if a passenger side airbag is present (45 minutes without one), under ideal conditions.


Short for Polyvinyl Butyrate. This is the material that is normally used in the middle of two pieces of glass to form a windshield (or other laminated glass). It is a type of plastic.

Safety Glass

Glass that is manufactured in a way to make it safer than normal glass. This usually involves either making the glass harder (making it more difficult to break, and when broken, the pieces are less sharp), or by laminating it.

Keywords: Car , Glass, Tempered Glass, windshield