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By: People's Choice Answering Service  09-12-2011

Here at People's Choice we have state of the art computers, and industry-leading telephone software. Our Web On call feature allows you to have complete control of who we are contacting, on what numbers, and when. This service is available 24 hours a day. We also provide Enhanced Following Service free of charge. Simply notify us what number(s) you will be on and we are more than willing to contact you on those identified numbers, even if it is different from your standing account procedure.

We provide an appointment reminder service as well. Why have customers or patients deal with an irritating automated system when a live person can call to remind them of appointments? Our personable operators would be more than happy to call and remind your clients of their next appointment. You provide us with the schedule and we will do the rest! We can contact on a weekly, daily, or twice daily basis for appointment reminders. (Or a combination of either of those.)

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