HR Services | Business Strategies

By: Peoplebiz  09-12-2011

Just as each employee is different, so too is every organization. With this in mind, we tailor both our interim and extended services to your unique goals and resources, working to your mandate, project scope, key deliverables and timelines.

We quickly zoom in on your core success factors and connect employees to the subtle yet vital components of growth and results. Maximizing every person’s contributions at all levels, we enhance productivity, teamwork, morale, loyalty, ambition, capabilities and more.


Efficiency & Productivity Assessments
Evaluation; performance metrics; measurement tools; motivational programs; results-oriented solutions
Creation & deployment of advertising & marketing; media selection; interviewing; reference checking; candidate shortlisting; career fair facilitation
Employee Relations & Retention
Performance evaluation, targets & management; career planning; coaching/mentoring; staff orientation programs; recognition programs; out-placement opportunities; issues resolution; labour relations; occupational safety, health & wellness
Compensation & Benefits
Regulations, policies and guidelines; incentive programs; federal & provincial legislative compliance
Training & Development
Skills training; career development; motivational techniques; performance management; conduct codes
Succession Planning
Replacement planning & logistics; assessment of high potential candidates; transition management


Organizational Planning
Analysis of internal & external business/industry impactors; adaptation strategies for agility & enhanced competencies; growth tactics & targets; milestone measurements; progress reports
Strategic Branding & Marketing
Internal & external communications; media selection & placement; impact measurement; brand ambassadorship
Workflow Design & Streamlining
Operations & systems optimization; process simplification & fast-tracking; cost-reduction strategies
Trends & Competitive Analysis
Research & statistics; identification of emerging trends & opportunities; industry & global developments; demographics
Outsourcing Efficiencies
Evaluations & recommendations for cost-saving co-efficiency and contingency resources; RFP processes; sourcing & set up of value-added services to impact key business criteria & bottom lines
Legal, Labour & Regulatory Compliance
Adherence guidelines for health & safety, insurance, privacy laws, human rights, labour codes and industry best practices.