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Video Biography

To begin the project, you will be asked to select from a list of themes which you are most important to you. You will be provided with a series of questions related to each theme, which help you remember your history – the special memories, thoughts, and ideas you would like to share with loved ones.

Each theme generally runs between 10 and 15 minutes in the final video. The length can vary greatly depending on how much there is to tell.

2 Theme Biography-- $600
Each additional theme, add $200

Video Scrapbook..The Video Scrapbook is ideal for those who enjoy telling stories when showing their photographs. As you browse through photos in family albums and/or shoeboxes, the memory door opens wide, and stories emerge.

To begin this project, we will browse through your personal collection of photographs, and chat about your photos, and the memories they contain. Your photos will be scanned to provide the video, and your voice along with some music will provide the soundtrack. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if those words are not recorded, the picture eventually becomes meaningless. A Video Scrapbook DVD preserves the stories behind your precious pictures. It’s like being able to “show-and-tell” your family photo albums for all future generations to enjoy.

Video Scrapbook Packages starting at $350

Photo Montage .. Turn your photos into a professional DVD-slideshow with musical background. Add titles or captions to your photos for an added touch. Suitable for weddings, retirements, anniversaries, and funerals.
$1.00 per photo (digital images)
$2.00 per photo (scanned by Foulkes Productions)
$0.25 per title or caption
Music included at no cost, or feel free to provide your favorite selection(s)

VHS – to – DVD transfers .. As time passes, VHS tapes can become very fragile, and sometimes can get “eaten” by your VHS player (if you still even have one). Don’t risk losing your precious family videos. Transfer them to DVD today!
$15-$20 per tape, or $1/minute for shorter clips

Event videos.. Are you planning a grand event such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement, award ceremony, or reunion? Call Foulkes Productions to inquire about preserving those special events on video.
Event videos starting at $250

Event video editing.. Perhaps you’ve already videotaped the event with your own camera, but the footage needs some spicing-up. Foulkes Productions can interview the key cast members from the event, and incorporate those interviews with your footage to produce a TV-stlye video that is sure to please rather than to sit on a shelf and collect dust. This is an perfect idea for wedding anniversaries!
Prices vary depending on amount of footage and number of interviews.

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Keywords: Dvd, photos, Vhs, video biography, Video Scrapbook