Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb

By: Pearl Crescent  09-12-2011

Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb is an extension for that suppresses prompts that interfere with unattended use of the browser.

Do Not Disturb features include:

  • Suppresses alert() and other JavaScript prompts that web pages use.
  • Automatically cancels disruptive browser dialogs such as the "What would you like to do with this file?" window that is shown when Firefox starts to download a file.
  • Suppresses prompts that may prevent a browser window from closing when a web page uses an onBeforeUnload event handler.
  • Suppresses certificate warning prompts that are normally shown when a web site has an expired or invalid certificate.
  • Prevents web pages from using the window.print() JavaScript function.
  • Prevents web pages from opening any new windows or tabs.
  • Allows you to control which items are blocked from the Do Not Disturb Options window (accessible from the Firefox Tools menu).

System Requirements and Languages

Do Not Disturb works with Firefox 3.6 through Firefox 7 on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Help and Support

For assistance with the Do Not Disturb add-on:

Copyright and License

Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb is Copyright © 2008-2011 Pearl Crescent, LLC. 

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