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By: Peak Orthotics  09-12-2011

Peak Products

Orthotic Blanks

Peak Orthotics devices are carved out of EVA foam of 2 different densities primarily. The medium density (white) material offers a certain flexibility and cushion for comfort and action sports. The firm (brown) material offers support and subtalor joint control.

Peak uses 2 different styles of foam blanks; A full medium density for high impact sports and flexible footwear, and a Dual density which has the same medium density forefoot material, but has a firm medial arch and heel cup for additional support and structural strength. Both EVA foam blanks work great for different purposes depending on the case of the patient and the intended use of the Orthotic.

Finished Orthotics

Peak also offers both full and ¾ length options, and a choice of top cover materials.

Peak Guarantee

30 day fit 100% guarantee.

Peak will rework the orthotic for a better fit, make a new one, or credit the associated health practice for the full manufacturing amount of the dysfunctional pair, whichever works best in the given situation within 30 days of the client receiving the Orthotics.

6 Month top cover guarantee

A $25 + shipping charge will be billed for a recover after 6 months.

1 Year on manufacturing defects.

Any material failure originating from the EVA foam blank, etc… We will create a new Orthotic at no charge given that the dysfunctional pair of Orthotics is shipped back to Peak and approved for warranty.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011