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By: Maritime Geocaching  09-12-2011

Here we are, 6 years after the first RDD, and still the stories are told about it!

The original RDD was the 1st major Geocaching event in the Maritimes. 2010 marks the 10 year anniversary of Geocaching, and so, we figured this is a great time for its time for a return to the red dirt of beautiful Prince Edward Island.

So I give you…



1. Head northeast on Confederation Bridge – 4.0 km
2. Continue onto Route 1 – 45.8 km
3. Turn right at Ferry Rd – 1.7 km
4. Turn right at Holiday Haven Rd. 1.4 km

All teams will meet up at 9:30AM at the camp ground. We depart at 10AM and go our separate ways for the day. Teams are due back at Holiday Haven at 7pm. Whoever gets the most caches on the Island wins. At current press time (March 21st, 2010) there are over 1100 caches on the Island.

The Dash:

  • All teams will depart Holiday Haven Camp Ground at 10am.
  • Cachers are encouraged to travel in teams. Car pooling saves on gas costs, as well as helps the environment!
  • PEI cachers are welcome to participate, but please keep in mind you cannot claim your own caches!
  • Note: You do not need to participate in the challenge to be able to log this cache. As long as you come to the BBQ afterward, you can claim this event as having attended.
  • 7:30pm will be the awards ceremony, as well as BBQ. Please bring your own food & beverage items. There is a store nearby, as well as bigger supermarkets in Charlottetown if you need to purchase edibles.


If you have an RV or camper, we would ask you contact the campground at (902)566-2421 and reserve a spot.

In the morning, we can all head out someplace for breakfast.


1st Place – Bag of Swag! – will go to the team who finds the most caches.

More prize categories to follow.

Tiebreaker rules:
In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the following criteria

1. Getting the 2 furthest caches on the Island from each other.
2. Whoever can produce a larger collection of empty Tim Horton’s cups fresh from the trip.
3. In the unlikely event of a tie at this stage, the competitors still tied will fight a grueling match of best of 3 rock – paper – scissors

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If we have viewed the map of the location earlier, then we can check the OFFLINE mode box which will use the saved files to generate the maps. The download file is sized at 9MB; once downloaded, the installation is quite standard and one has the application up and running in no time. This means that in order to look up the directions of someplace, we need to have internet connected to our computer.


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So I spent a few minutes and looked it up and then explained it to one of my friends and asked her if she wanted to go try one or two, and so off we went near the end of the afternoon with a car GPS, pretty much NO idea what we were doing, and we ended up getting 5 – pretty good considering the circles we walked in.


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The fourth can provide traction if you’re stuck and your wheels are spinning (kitty litter has larger particles and users report that it works better than sand). Pack in your car: a blanket, flares, a shovel, a small bag of sand or kitty litter, matches and a candle in an old coffee can. If you end up stuck in a snowbank or on the side of the road, press your accelerator gently to see if you can get free.