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By: Silva Lining Forestry Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Forest Management, Forest Protection, Non-timber Forest Products,

Forest Management Plans

Each forest will have values that currently exist while others will need to be developed through goals, objectives and strategies set in a Forest Management Plan. The Forest Enhancement Program has made this plan the first step that must be completed prior to other activities and services being funded. This plan will outline a number of activities designed to meet an owner’s objectives. Each plan covers activities over a ten year period. The plan will be completed in order to meet all Forest Enhancement Program standards. Silva Lining assists the landowner by discussing their goals and then provides options and identifies actions to meet their goals.

Silviculture Surveys

Planting Surveys
Assists the landowner by ensuring that trees were planted to the correct density and in the proper manner.
Survival Surveys
Assists the landowner by providing early results of planting and natural regeneration success, allowing for future activities to be scheduled in a proactive manner.
Post Treatment Surveys
Monitoring surveys completed on forest stand being treated will ensure that the prescribed treatment meets the standards set in the Forest Enhancement Program.

Stand Improvement

As a forest matures, interventions may be necessary to improve the quality of the trees for future forest products. Silva Lining can identify the timing and type of treatment that will produce a more desirable forest for future products.

Best Management Practices

Maintaining your forest productivity is the key to long-term management. This can be accomplished by carrying out activities to enhance nutrient cycling, and in protecting soil properties and function. Best Management Practices and timing windows can be identified for your critical site factors to protect your long-term forest investment.

Harvest Layout & Forest Renewal

Wildlife Enhancement

Some enhancement activities are eligible as a part of your Forest Management Plan. Silva Lining will assist by scheduling activities to enhance the values needed by a particular wildlife species in your forest or of those that are desirable additions.

Non-Timber Forest Products

Some forest lands have greater component of non-timber forest products (NTFP) than others. Those forests lacking a high component can be developed in order to produce a desired non-timber forest product. Silva Lining can assist you in identifying the potential for NTFP production on your forest land.

Forest Protection

Invasive Plants
Invasive plants can have lasting effects on the natural plant and animal communities. Monitoring for the introduction and carrying out activities to prevent the spread of existing invasive plants can assist in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
Tree Pests
Disease and insects occur at natural levels through a healthy forest. A forest that has not been managed to consider these impacts could result in losses which will impact the goals you have set. Managing forest to minimize these impacts and keep losses to a minimum can be addressed in your management goals and objectives.
Forest Fires
Discussing methods for reducing fire hazards near improvements made to your property may be required as one of your objectives in your Forest Management Plan.

Recreation Trail Design & Layout

Adding a trail through your forest land can add recreational opportunities. These trails can be identified as a goal in a Forest Management Plan and later developed.

Mapping Services

Mapping out your forest values can assist in the management of your forest land. A good map helps to describe your management plan goals. Silva Lining will produce a map as a part of your Forest Management Plan. Custom maps with GPS mapped features will be available upon request.

Keywords: Forest Management, Forest Management Plans, Forest Protection, Non-timber Forest Products, Wildlife Enhancement,

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