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Rust Guard:

Coastal Steel’s leading product Rust Guard is a premium Fibrated aluminum roof coating. This asphalt base coating will seal and waterproof a variety of surfaces. It protects the existing roof structure from the elements while also giving the roof surface a new metal look. The asphalt base prevents any existing surface rust from oxidation and therefore stops the formation of rust upon the roof surface while the Fibrated portion of the product and the aluminum flakes protect the roof structure from all weather conditions. Coastal Steel has seen this product protect existing Atlantic Canadian roofing structures for anywhere from 10 – 18 years without requiring a recoat, when clients are looking for a solid alternative to the heavy costs of roof replacement Coastal Steel’s Rust Guard is the answer.


Solar protection – reflects direct sunlight reducing the temperature of the roof membrane and extending life expectancy.

Reduces operating costs – reduces interior building temperatures and air conditioning bills.

Waterproofs – preserves and waterproofs the coated roof surface

Durable – Dries to an impermeable finish to resists weather while maintaining a flexibility to resist cracking and peeling

5 Year warranty against Rust beed through

Sun Guard

Coastal Steel’s Sun Guard is a high quality coating with a brilliant durable finish, this aluminum asphalt protective coating is ideal for renewing the look and style of any metallic surface. With reflectivity ratings surpassing the level for energystar approval sunguard is an optimum choice for clients looking to keep temperature costs down while still protecting the roof surface. Similar to the Rust Guard material in every way this non-fibrated material will stop rust oxidation and give the metal structure a shiny new look.


Reflects Heat – interior temperatures are significantly reduced in hot weather , reducing air conditioning costs

Provides moisture and corrosion protection

Durable – the unique properties of this coating provide a long-lasting aluminum finish which is flexible and resists peeling or flaking.

Economical – This cost saving product is ideal when looking to renew existing lower grade metallic surfaces

3 year warranty against rust bleed though

Rubberized patch Cement

When fixing cracks, seams, holes or more Coastal Steel utilizes its very own rubberized patch cement. This brush grade rubberized compound is specially formulated to create moisture barriers in all applications. Utilizing this product with fiber mesh layers coastal steel is able to repair large holes and gaps and solidify areas that have been extremely worn over time. This product has seen much success as a moisture layer around the base of Quonset buildings acting as a rubberized wall in order to ensure the buildings structural integrity. Perfectly balanced to work with Coastal Steel’s aluminum asphalt coatings this rubberized patch cement is ideal for roof repairs prior to applying protective coatings


Rubberised – product is stable to ensure proper bond through the variable seasons and resists cracking.

Brush grade – can be applied to any area

Moisture barrier – Creates a rubberized barrier on any surface that will keep water out of the target surface

Ideal for gutters – Cna be used to seal seams and coat gutters for extended life

Seam Sealers

Coastal Steel also utilizes various caulking and rubberized compounds to areas where moisture may be negatively impacting the building structure, lifting the metal off the building and placing moisture barriers between the overlapping metal sheets, further waterproofing the roofing structure.

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Keywords: Aluminum, roof

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