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By: Timeless Medical Systems  09-12-2011
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Timeless Medical Systems has a proven track record developing advanced software applications and Information Technology systems for the healthcare technology sector. The company has been developing health technologies and software systems since 1994, with particular expertise in software engineering, advanced algorithm development and integration with medical devices.

The Timeless team adds value by implementing a highly collaborative approach with our clients to ensure success. Timeless is proficient in developing highly sophisticated applications, websites and database solutions based on the latest industry standards as well as on our own proprietary technologies.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, big and small. Timeless uses a Web based project management system to manage our projects and ensure all work performed by Timeless is done in a timely and co-coordinated manner.

Health Professionals Membership System�

The Timeless Health Professionals Membership System is a full featured member management system for health professional associations and societies. The system is capable of managing member information, processing member renewal, online transactions (charges and payments), accounting AR/AP and much more. It is used by most of the health professional associations on Prince Edward Island, Canada, to maintain and manage all aspects of their memberships from annual registrations to health human resource (HHR) forecasting.

The Timeless Health Professionals Membership System is built to meet health industry standards for data security, privacy and integrity. It can be run and maintained in-house or provided as an online service by Timeless Medical Systems.

Health Professionals Membership System Features:

  • Minimizes Maintenance Costs and Saves Time
  • Produces Membership and HHR Planning Reports
  • Compliant with Industry Standards
  • Intuitive Membership Renewal Process
  • Built in Back-Up for Past Data Retrieval
  • Browser Based for Ease of Management
  • Easily Customized to Individual Requirements
  • Manages Bulk E-Mailings to Members
  • CIHI (Canadian Institute of Health Informatics)
  • Voluntary Export Possible

The collected data will help with analysis for creating association health human resource strategies, to identify issues such as shortages in recruitment and to improve retention of health care professionals in your jurisdiction.

Easily Customized:
Timeless realizes each health professionals association has differing needs and will require the Health Professionals Membership System to comply with their own requirements. The Health Professionals Membership System has been built to allow ease of integration with your existing hardware/software infrastructure and ease of customization to satisfy your needs. Whether you want new features added or simply something changed, we will strive to meet your needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Mother's Own Milk System (MOMS)� - Nursery / NICU Patient Identification

The Timeless Mother's Own Milk System (MOMS)� is a real-time, HIPAA compliant Windows PC and wireless handheld computer based bar-coding system (client-server) for Pediatric and Neonatology professionals. The Timeless MOMS is designed to help eliminate patient misidentification and medical mismatches of breast milk in the Nursery, NICU and PICU (among many other tasks).

The Timeless MOMS helps to ensure that the right breast milk is administered to the right baby (or babies in the case of multiples) for feeding. This is accomplished by incorporating three simple steps into the Nursery/NICU/PICU mother's milk storage and administering process: assigning bar code identifiers to a mother and her child (or children), managing validated receipt into storage and correct identification of the mother’s milk for feeding, and cross-matching the mother's milk with her child. The Timeless MOMS utilizes any/all of your existing Windows PCs, laptops, tablets and/or COWs as well as HIPAA compliant handheld PocketPCs with bar code readers to facilitate these processes in real-time in the Nursery/NICU/PICU allowing users to easily incorporate MOMS into their established best practices. The Timeless MOMS cannot be circumvented by simply scanning the bottle bar code twice, defeating the purpose of the safeguard.

The Timeless MOMS contains easy to use built-in tools in both the handheld and user admin stations for querying fridge and freezer inventory for each baby, generating reports and performing administration tasks.

The Timeless MOMS is intended for use by neonatologists, neonatal nurses and practitioners, dietary staff and house officers in neonatal care units of any size.

The Timeless MOMS runs on all Windows based PCs, laptops, tablets or COWs with an attached scanner as well as wireless handheld computing/scanning hardware running the Windows Mobile operating system. The Timeless MOMS is designed for use over a standard local area network with 802.11b secure, encrypted wireless access to accommodate multiple authenticated users on the floor and can integrate with any ODBC compliant backend server database. The Timeless MOMS incorporates Timeless Medical Systems� industry best practice data security, integrity, backup and analysis technologies ensuring round the clock, redundant access to system data.

Timeless Cancer Registry System (CRS)�

The Timeless Cancer Registry System (CRS)� was developed to allow for the timely and accurate collection, distribution and analysis of information relating to the treatment of cancer patients. This advanced system connects information from oncology departments with provincial, state and national tumor and patient registries such as the Canadian Cancer Registry. The Timeless CRS does this automatically using industry standard data formats and secure electronic data interchange. The Timeless CRS allows for the information to be collated in a manner where researchers can easily analyze and determine best practices to ensure that their clients receive the best medical treatments possible.

The Timeless CRS is a Windows based product designed to run under Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Linux, Novell and other operating systems. The Timeless CRS provides commands that allow users to manage patients and tumors, and provides a wide variety of reports, import and export routines for the collection and dissemination of data. The Timeless CRS main application functionality is accessed through an intuitive menu system and ergonomically placed command buttons which enables efficient workflow and the highest possible quality of data output.

Timeless CRS Features:

  • Intuitive application GUIs and workflow
  • Mission critical, single install, multi-user client/server, web enabled and ASP versions
  • Fully customizable screens and forms
  • Exporting of data to Industry Standard file formats
  • Legacy system data importing
  • NAACCR, CCR, HIPAA standards compliant
  • Collaborative Staging
  • Workload/Resource Management application
  • Timeless Data Validation application automates back-ups and cross-references data using check-sum
  • Timeless Reporting Engine (ODBC compliant) allows for fast abstracting and creates pre-defined reports and/or user-created ones
  • Multi-faceted records searching and printing
  • Easy administration of data security/access level restrictions

Timeless CRS Optional Snap-In Applications:

  • Case Closure Module: importing from National, Provincial and State death confirmation and LCMS Pathology data files
  • E.D.I. Module: secure, encrypted integration with Registries/Reporting Agencies
  • LINAC Module
  • Clinical Department Module
  • Treatment Data Collection and Reporting Module
  • Radiotherapy Data Collection and Reporting Module

Timeless Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)�

The Timeless LIMS� is a comprehensive laboratory information management system for all laboratory disciplines. This advanced system is built upon the latest scalable database foundation, incorporates customizable applications, supports multiple users in more than one geographic area with secure access to the data, and provides an intuitive and efficient workflow enabling fast and accurate turn around of results.

The Timeless LIMS provides, for example, hospital and reference laboratories the ability to inventory blood and blood products from insdividual donors or an organization (such as Canadian Blood Services), manage transfusion patient data and provide a means to track usage and report on that data at both the provincial/state and national levels. The Timeless LIMS also enables blood products to be reserved in advance for impending surgeries and cross matched to ensure suitable blood is available instantly in emergency situations.

The Timeless LIMS supports multiple, authenticated users which access a secure, encrypted centralized database of patient and product data. New records are entered into the Timeless LIMS either manually, by data import or by using a bar code reader. Existing patient and product records can be viewed and edited within the Timeless LIMS if the correct security level is applied. Patient, test, product and issue data can be archived for storage, as well as, maintained in the Timeless LIMS active database. Management reports and routines provide complex data querying and support a multitude of reporting options.

Timeless LIMS Features:

  • Intuitive application GUIs and workflow
  • Fully customizable screens and forms
  • Easy administration of data security & user access
  • Support for multiple laboratory departments
  • Rapid data entry (and retrieval) by manual input, import or bar code reader
  • Import and export to industry standard formats
  • Fast reporting engine (ODBC compliant) with pre-defined and/or user created reports
  • Automated data backup, cross reference and validation using check-sum
  • Single install and multi-user client/server versions
  • HL7, XML, HIPAA standards compliant

Fast Forward�

Timeless Medical Systems' flagship workgroup database product, Fast Forward, has entered its 2nd generation and brings with it a plethora of new features including multi-user network access, record sharing, full database security and encryption, the ability to customize your database, greatly enhanced sorting and filtering of records and much more! All this, while still maintaining the ease-of-use for which our products are famous.

In a nutshell, Fast Forward is a complete client, people, and data management system, which combines all the elements of a database with a word processor, calculator and calendar all in one seamless, easy to use program. Fast Forward can be easily customized, is completely scalable and integrates with industry standards and most legacy data seamlessly.

Fast Forward Features:

  • Records all relevant personal information including e-mail address on one form
  • 20 user-defined data fields for your particular customization needs
  • Contact management features for recording notes and more on each individual
  • Financial transaction system with user-defined account names
  • Dateminder features for establishing important dates for each client record
  • Correspondence history: all client correspondence is tied to each client record
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive query builder
  • Word processor is seamlessly integrated within the database
  • Allows definition of new custom reports
  • Extremely easy to use, but also exceptionally powerful

EVault� Data Backup & Recovery

There are only two types of people who use computers:

  • Those who have experienced a system failure.
  • Those who are going to.

In mid 1999 we discovered that some source code from one of our commercial systems had gone missing. Not a problem, we would just go to our back-up tapes and restore the missing files. Were we in for a surprise! What we thought gave us 100% protection of our data turned out to be quite the opposite!

It was our first experience of a system problem after years of using a tape back-up solution. When we examined our library of backups we found there had been problems for a long time and we had chunks of corrupt or unrecoverable files throughout our tapes. It was a shock to discover we had been so exposed to disaster for so long while having a feeling of security.

We quickly decided it would never happen to us again. Our investigations led us to discover we could use the same type of system used by banks, credit card companies, law and accounting firms and that it would be more cost effective than tapes, and totally safe and secure.

As a technology company we quickly saw how superior electronic vaulting is in every way, and that’s why we use it. It has "saved our skin" time and time again. We can go back to any point in time and get what we need from the electronic backup vault quickly and easily.

EVault™ currently holds 172 terabytes of critical data for over 500 companies and has performed 1.2 million backups. Since the system came on-line in 1997 it has never lost one piece of data and has performed tens of thousand of restorations.

Fast Response�

During an emergency, lives are at stake and time is a luxury you just don't have. The answers you seek need to be at your fingertips. Fast Response is the tool you need to put all your information into one place so that when the time comes, everything will fall into place and all your planning and training will pay off with the kind of performance you need to deliver.

Fast Response contains a fully functional and fully relational database combined with dateminder and bring forward features found in contact managers and also a word processor which integrates with the client information in the program. This means that instead of using a number of programs running independently, all information is combined, relatable, searchable and queryable in one program.

As information is added it is automatically included into the querying engine. In order to retrieve information you do not require predefined queries. Instead you call your information out in groups. The concept is simple to understand and is ideal where you can't always predefine what information you are going to need. This is a very powerful way to retrieve information that even lower level computer users can understand.

In defining the most efficient grouping format for your organization, we are able to give guidance in the most effective way to structure your information so it fits your needs. This is especially important when information is shared both inside and outside of your organization. With Fast Response the format will always be clear, logical and scalable.

Expert System for Speech Instruction (ESSI)�

ESSI�, or The Expert System for Speech Instruction, is a revolutionary new software system that allows speech pathologists, educators and English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors to perform clinical speech diagnostics in a fraction of the time normally taken with manual methods. ESSI enables fast diagnostics to occur all the while maintaining an extremely high level of diagnostic accuracy.

ESSI� makes the conducting of test batteries on consonant, vowel, monosyllabic, multisyllabic and prosody diagnostics extremely simple. Testing of ESSI conducted recently by Dalhousie University has established an incredible 96% accuracy rating vis-a-vis traditional methods.

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