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By: Marrek  09-12-2011
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Whether you are a novice or an experienced networker, you will find stories, tips and techniques in this book that will motivate and inspire you. Audie McCarthy, founder of The Marrek Group shares her personal networking experiences and stories as well as her expert advice. Using practical exercises in a workbook format, Networking Edge helps you gain greater confidence in your ability to network and build relationships.

Networking Edge gives you the edge you need to succeed!

Leading is not just about being at the top of the corporate ladder, or being president of your own company. Each of us has the capacity and power within us to be a leader. This easy to read, leadership manual is broken down into five key sections, each with practical tips and user friendly templates to help you on your road to becoming a leader.

Written by Audie McCarthy and Karen Roy.



Dealing with Difficult Behaviours is one of our most popular workshops so we decided to supplement it with an e-book. Whether on the factory floor, the corporate boardroom or at home with your family, dealing with difficult behaviours is something we all need help with. Now you can access our tips, techniques and strategies on line.


The book Leadership - It's not just for Leaders

Keywords: Networking