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By: Soul Mates Holistic  08-04-2010
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Bach Flowers

Rescue Remedy is effective in any situation where there is stress or anxiety.  When you anticipate stress take it beforehand and it will help you get through the event.  Examples of stressful situations:  Work, Travel, Auto accidents, Presentations, Interviews, Doctor/dentist appointments

Bach Flower Remedies are 38 homeopathically prepared plant and flower based remedies which are intended to treat the person as an individual for the temperament and personality, not a treatment for physical complaints.  They help you manage the emotional demands of everyday life by stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal itself and balance negative feelings.

Ear Candling


This therapy dates back to year 2500 BC.  Ear Candling is a painless, therapeutic, cleansing procedure to help remove excess earwax, fungus and candida from ear.  Other benefits include:  restoring balance, stress relief, headache, sinus problems and sore throat relief as well as improved hearing. 


A true medicine of healing will consider the physical, mental and emotional elements in a unified manner, this is homeopathy’s approach. Homeopathy treats people, not the disease.  It can help acute illnesses, flu, cold, emotional and mental illness, injuries, obstetric problems, female hormonal problems and chronic disease.  Homeopathy is powerful, safe and effective.

Seated Chair/Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on old Ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It helps to relieve tension, stimulate circulation, increase mental clarity, reduce fatigue, restore joint movement and rejuvenate the receiver. It also aides the condition and health of the hair, particularly when combined with the use of natural essential oils.   

Ion Cleanse

It helps detoxify and rid the body of excess chemicals, toxins, heavy metals and pollutants.  Degenerative diseases such as Cancer • Diabetes • Arthritis • Heart Disease • Obesity • Psoriasis Gout •Joint Pain • Depression • Chronic Fatigue • Fibromyalgia are on the rise.  Ongoing detoxification, combined with a healthy lifestyle, vitamins and minerals are key to good health.


With the use of energy and manipulation of the foot reflexes, the client is relaxed allowing the Spirit, Mind and Body to heal.  When we stimulate the reflex points, the body’s natural energy works the nervous system to clear any blockages.  It helps reduce stress, relieve pain, increases circulation and works with all modalities, traditional or conventional.


Reiki healing is a pure energy form which has no religion, doctrines, creeds or contraindications.  It is the Japanese word for “universal life energy”.  Human touch is almost as necessary to life as air, water and food.  Reiki can be used for many purposes: healing injuries, disease, stress reduction, relaxation, feelings of security, well being and self empowerment.  It can also be used for animals and plants.  Many hospitals have integrated this powerful healing therapy as studies now document the positive healing effects of Reiki on heart disease, endocrine disorders, orthopedic conditions, post-operative recovery and psychological disorders.  It does not interfere with traditional medical treatment but facilitates benefits as it speeds the healing process and helps restore energy.

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