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By: Positive Change Nutrition  09-12-2011
Keywords: Weight Loss

Gentle Cleanse 15 day Kit $29.99

Gentle Cleanse is a 15 day, two part herbal cleanse formulated specifically for the 'first time' or 'sensitive' cleanser. It is designed to gently stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body's 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system.

Cleanse Max  30 day Kit $44.99

CleanseMAX is a 2 part, 30 day, advanced herbal cleansing program. There is a strong focus on the body's two main detoxification pathways - the liver and the colon. The first part is an herbal organ detox formula. The second part is a highly effective colon cleansing formula that does not contain purgative herbs such as cascara sagrada or senna.

Liver Detox 30 day Kit $49.99

LiverDTX is a 30 day, two part cleansing program. It is designed to cleanse and detoxify the liver, while at the same time, support and enhance normal liver function.
LiverDTX Part I contains herbs, amino acids, and anti-oxidants which support detoxification and cleansing of the liver. LiverDTX Part II contains a blend of ayurvedic herbs that help support optimal liver function.

Candida Therapy 15 day Kit $47.99

Candida Therapy is a 15 day, broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herbal cleanse. It specifically targets yeast organisms and eliminates them from the body. It is important to follow a special diet while following this cleanse. Also it is suggested to do a second cleansing kit for severe Candida overgrowth.

Deep Colon Cleanse 30 day Kit $27.99

Deep Colon Cleanse is a 30 day colon cleansing formula comprised of a mixture of 3 organic fibres and herbal ingredients. It works to remove toxins and old, hardened fecal matter from the colon by three processes. Works as an appetite suppressant and weight loss aid for anyone wishing to jump start weight loss.

Intestinal Therapy 150s capsules $49.99

Intestinal Therapy is an all natural formula used to support the integrity and healthy function of the intestinal tract lining. Perfect for sufferers of chronic bowel disease or nutrient deficiency caused by leaky gut syndrome.

Colon Therapy 60s capsules $24.99

Colon Therapy is an all natural colon support formula for relief of occasional constipation. It stimulates the colon’s normal functions to enhance elimination without the use of harsh laxatives. Assists in producing larger firmer bowel movements.

Total Lung Therapy 90s capsules $57.99

Total Lung Therapy is formulated to cleanse the respiratory tract and provide total support for the respiratory system. It is a powerful healing and therapeutic formula to aid people with chronic lung ailments (ex. Asthma) as well as being ideal for those who are simply looking to ensure optimal respiratory health.

Fibre Max 120s capsules $29.99

FibreMAX is a unique dietary fibre supplement, which is available in two forms: in a capsule form or in a powdered supplement that can be mixed into water or juice. The dietary fibre in FibreMAX enhances the body's ability to remove toxins and increases the volume of your stool. What makes FibreMAX unique is it is not only a source of dietary fibre, but a complete digestive care formula. As well as the dietary fibre, it also contains ingredients which work to soothe and heal damage to the intestinal tract.

Digest Max 90s capsules $29.99

DigestMAX is a plant based digestive enzyme formula designed for digestive problems that are mild to moderate in severity or do not occur everyday. DigestMAX not only contains digestive enzymes, but it also contains ingredients that are essential to repair and soothe the digestive system.

Digest Max Ultra 60s $29.99

DigestMAX ULTRA is a therapeutic strength enzyme formula designed for those whose digestive problems are chronic and occur on a daily basis, or are serious in nature. Helpful if you have difficulty breaking down foods, have gas, bloating, upset stomach, belching or regurgitation after eating. Contains HCL and is good for heartburn sufferers.

Ultimate Flora ProBiotic 30s capsules $44.99

Ultimate FloraMAX is a 50 billion cell, 10 strain probiotic formula designed for treating chronic intestinal ailments in both the small and large intestine, such as I.B.S., Crohn's, Colitis, and chronic Candida overgrowth. The convenient 'once a day' serving helps ensure a healthy microbacterial environment in the intestinal tract.

FitSmart Weight LOSS  Shake $39.99 *SALE*

Fiber and protein play several important roles in maintaining healthy body weight. Fiber helps to slow down the rate at which the body converts carbohydrates into sugar, making it a powerful weight management tool. Protein satisfies your appetite and builds lean muscle. Sold in either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry this shake mixes easily on its own or in a smoothie.

Each serving contains:

  • ·20 grams of protein + 10 grams of fiber
  • ·Only 165 calories per shake
  • ·Packed with 15 essential vitamins and nutrients
  • ·Blend of 7 digestive enzymes for easy digestion
  • ·Gluten-free + Preservative-free
  • ·No artificial ingredients
**Ask us for a free serving sample in office
** Rachelle recommends drinking this as a snack in between meals.

Iceland Putrity Fishoils

Most North Americans are deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids. Since the body can not produce Omega 3 it is important to include many sources in your daily diet. Good fat nourishes the hair skin and nails, protects the heart, eyes and joints, reduces inflammation and strengthens neurotransmitters for brain development. Fish oils are also very anti-ageing and health building.
Omega 3 + Vitamin D Chewable     for kids   $14.99 *bubble gum taste*
Omega 3   500mg    $8.99
Omega Forte, 1000mg    $18.99
Omega Lemon Liquid Oil    $12.99

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Keywords: Weight Loss

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