CLAN: A unique approach to WAN Optimization

By: Replify  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Applications, Hardware Devices, Application Usability,

Replify was different from the start – we saw this as an application usability problem, not just about bits on a wire.  We didn’t see why the problem needed expensive custom hardware devices when virtualization and cost-effective commodity hardware could offer so much more flexibility.  We came from a mixture of networking and enterprise applications backgrounds and we understood the working patterns of modern businesses and the need to provide application acceleration for roaming workers, not just those in sites. We foresaw the emergence of cloud, wherein the whole idea of trying to place tin-box accelerators in front of your business applications would be totally infeasible. And we saw even further, to a dissolving of the notion of sites and fixed places of work, where the idea of a shared accelerator device (be it physical or virtual) breaks down.

We’re currently porting this capability to other platforms so that the full range of devices which feature in today’s enterprise can participate in this powerful new model.

Keywords: Application Usability, Business Applications, Commodity Hardware, Hardware Devices,

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What is WAN Optimization? | Replify WAN Optimization

Just as the consolidation above was gathering pace, the industry realised that further efficiency and flexibility could be gained by pushing applications and the platforms on which they ran, into shared public data centers where you paid less, and paid only for what you used.


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The impact is more than just user frustration; it’s lost productivity and a breakdown in critical business processes which rely on users exchanging the latest information, working from current versions of documents, meeting records compliance requirements and avoiding creating stale local copies of key documents.


Replify Syncstor | Replify WAN Optimization

After initially selecting content to synchronize, the user can read, edit and create freely, knowing that only a few moments of network connectivity now and then will be sufficient for any changes and additions to be synchronized with the source folders, and to receive the updates and additions of colleagues.


Replify Accelerator | Replify WAN Optimization

Replify Accelerator was the first pure software WAN acceleration product running on commodity computing platforms and today is the only product to match or exceed the performance of specialised hardware devices. Replify Enterprise Manager The Replify Enterprise Manager provides centralized configuration and control of your Replify deployment, with detailed reporting on all of your Clients and Virtual Appliances.


XDR™ | Replify WAN Optimization

The Replify Accelerator Cross-Protocol Data Reduction XDR technology is a bi-directional network caching software module which allows both ends of the WAN to ‘learn’ the data payload as it flows between the client and the accelerated servers.