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By: Hurricanes By The Bay  09-12-2011

Hazmasters team of Safety Specialists have an average of 14 years experience, and combined total of 404 years experience in Health & Safety. 95 of product orders are delivered in 48 hours or less, with 24/7 emergency after hours service offered through our fleet of Hazmasters delivery vehicles. With 10 locations across Canada, we include services, repair, testing, rental and leasing of equipment. HazSafeID: equipment inspection, identification, tracking and 24/7 web access; HazSafeED: education courses to complete our commitment to create a safer work environment when working with and around electricity and arc flash.

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Aero Tec Laboratories Inc. ATL--- At The Electricity Forum

ATL produces many Air-Cell Conservator Bladders or collapsible "compensators" to control the expansion and contraction of dielectric transformer oil. These bladders are available in standard Westinghouse and GE sizes, as well as in custom configurations to fit any transformer or conservator tank. ATL's dielectric fluid expansion systems isolate transformer fluid from the atmosphere, preventing air and moisture contamination.


electrical transformers explained

Electrical transformers are a passive device which transforms alternating current electric energy from one circuit into another through electromagnetic induction. Electrical transformers are used to "transform" voltage from one level to another, usually from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. They do this by applying the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert voltage and/or current levels.